Friday, October 3, 2014

I'll be home soon and Fat Quarter winner =)

Hello... I'm waving from the Pacific Northwest area.

I've been (playing) out of town for about a week, so far.  But, I'll be clicking those ruby slippers

 in a couple of days  --> to take me back home to my own bed in Utah.

I'm sorry it's taken me this long to post the Winner of the last* 5 Fat quarter "contest" ( )-
*(closed as of September 28th)

Sharon ... who lives in Blogland at
Vroman's Quilts

Monday, September 22, 2014

A blanket for Bertha

It gets quite dusty in my sewing room, more so than other areas of the house. And, sewing machines can put up quite a fuss with mis-behavin stitches and other types of antics...if they get too much dust collecting on them.

So I made a fun cover for Bertha.
I wanted to make the "blanket" to cover the embroidery module when attached .  
I also wanted the fabric to be something that would make me smile!

 Yep...singing and dancing frogs will definitely make me smile =D                          

Do you have a cover for your machine? If so...what's it like? 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

"Time flies like an arrow..." (and a giveaway)

 *please read right below this picture for info on the giveaway
Yeah, "ol" Groucho Marx (1890-1977).  Do any of you readers remember his show called "You Bet Your Life"?  There was a secret word and when guests said that word...the got $100 (which wasn't peanuts in those days... lol).  Do you remember how the secret word was revealed?  If you can guess, your name will be put into a drawing to win FIVE fat quarters!  ("contest" closed Sunday September 28th.  Winner revealed on Monday September 29th).
                                       ======= ============ ================ ======= yeah, I'm avoiding some issues - namely, that I haven't been around for awhile, like quite a few months.  Uh, Oh...that's bad.  Maybe not as bad as running a red light or not turning a final term paper.  But, still I feel kinda bad that I go in and out MA-Finnigan.
So no projects that I say I will finish by a certain sticking my neck (or my tongue) out on the chopping block, due to lack of discipline, procrastination, or overbooking myself with many (diverse) projects.  I will confess that I do have a disease...although not an excuse, it could be a reason.  I might've mentioned this before,  I have a solid case of C.A.D.  This would be described as Craft Attention Deficit.   I have a super hard time keeping myself from starting new projects...and in lots of different areas of the Craft World...all at the same time. 
With that great advice, I will try not to distract from the now.  =P
How do you keep focused on current projects?  How do you feel about having several (or a million?? lol) projects going with no real completion date in mind?  Or do you only start ONE project at a time and finish before you start another one?  Do you have quite a few DIFFERENT crafts that your hands dabble in? Or do you kinda stick with one or two?
Take care! 
cyber hugZ,

Friday, February 28, 2014

First 2 finishes of 2014! started over 20 years ago!

I've decided to do One Project A Month with Peg at Happy Quilting
and Kris at Tag Along Teddies.  These two ladies are soo VERY
wonderful to organize and set up OPAM every year - for the past
6 years.  There are 95 of us joining Peg and Kris this year.  There have
been "33750 finishes and counting"...since it all began!  I'm soo
VERY grateful to them for this program!  It has really helped me to
finish more projects in the last 3 years than I've finished in all the years
total before that time.

My January 2014 (OPAM) finish is:

A Halloween quilt that I'd started in September of 2013.  It was a top
in a drawer...for many months.

OPAM motivated me to get 'er out and get 'er quilted.



There's some really fun fabrics in this line!

And...the back - pieced.

I really like to piece the backs...even if there IS enough of one fabric for
the whole back.  Piecing the back adds a leeeetle more interest, imho =)
My February finish is:

These are blocks (except the one at the very top, resting on the chair seat)
are Friendship blocks made in in 1990, when our family was living in
Eugene, Oregon. 
Each person was given at least a yard of this fabric.

We were to make 8 blocks all the same using this fabric and any other
fabrics that they thought would coordinate.  We signed them with (gasp!)
pigma pen, instead of embroidery.  Doing our names in embroidery was
enough to scare most of us into having the heeebie-geeebiez.  =P
The block that I made in 1990 is this flower one from Eleanor Burns book
I don't know if it's still in print?
Yeah, those who know me well, know that I'm not particularly fond of yellow. 
How I talked myself into that background? Well, too long ago to remember, lol.
The deep green leaves on the flower were called a "Wood Block" prints in the 90"s. 
I think they were made to give the feeling of actual wood block prints.  This
particular fabric type, back then, wasn't individually handmade.
I decided to make this 9th block and add sashing with corner blocks to finish
the top. 
The back...

Quilting close up...

My quilting isn't at all fancy! It's just my signature (ha, ha REAL signature
...ya think! lol) ..."Loop-eeez UP and  Loop-eeez DOWN"  =P.
I used a pastel varigated King Tut 100% cotton thread called "Mummy".
It's quilted on my Innova long-arm named Ida. 
...that you will have a great weekend!  
(I've always LOVED Yoda!)