Saturday, February 18, 2017

How have you been?

Hello =)

It's been a long time since I've heard from so many of you.  I've been away from Bloggerland  for almost 2 years and I'm sure lots of things have transpired in your lives in the last two years as it has in mine.  At 64 years old, I feel like the "other side" of the mountain.  And the toboggan is time.  It just seems to go faster as my years get closer to the bottom of the mountain side.

I'm feeling the urge to get back to blogging. Yes, as many of you know me well...urges can come and go in a few minutes!  LOL.   I did really enjoyed blogging before.  Then, I passed through the Instagram door!  Different world over there.   It seems so much easier/faster to post pictures and put just snippets of conversation.  Quick, quick, quick and right from my phone!  I found that I was just doing it more and Blogger less. 

Looking back to when I first started my blog, there were some specific reasons in my mind.  I wanted to stretch my brain and learn something new.   Sometimes I was a frustrated mental mess trying to figure something out...picture a tangled ball of yarn and trying to untangle it!  LOL.  I guess my brain wasn't quite as stretchable as it I thought!  But, at the same time, when things did work out (either with someone's help or my hours of trying) was gratifying.

Another reason was to create a journal of my some of my life's activities, ideas and perspectives so that I could look back on them.   Maybe even my kids or family might look back on it too.  I have good friends that I don't see very often because they live far away.  Blogging seemed a great way to share pictures of projects and some of my crazy adventures with them as well.

Also, I wanted to be helpful to others...that might come to visit the blog.  Maybe a helpful experience, an insight or just to put a smile on a few faces, was a goal.

It made my heart happy to blog with these reasons in mind.  Making one's heart happy (as well as other people's) is an important part of life...don't you think?  =).  

The blog hat has been in my closet for some time now.  I'm going to put it back on and see where the path takes me next.

Here are some questions for you, if you don't mind commenting:

1) Why do you like to blog (if you have one)
2) What are reasons you visit other blogs?
3)  Since March of 2015, what memory makes you most happy?

*If you answer all three questions, your name will be put in a drawing for the **giveaway below. (drawing closes Friday February 24th midnight mountain time.  Winner will be announced Saturday the 25th)

*Five Fat Quarters of quality cotton fabrics (includes free shipping)

Have a great rest of your weekend!  See you next week!
... =D


Friday, May 8, 2015

Lots of fun and sharing on Threads Group Day =)

On the second Friday of each month ladies in our area are invited to get together.  They bring a sack lunch and covered drink along with any crafty-thread-quilty projects they'd like to work on. 
We aren't limited to quilting...  =)  We crochet, knit, spin fiber, cross stitch, weave, tat and what ever other fiber-eee projects you can think of!

For the last year so we've met at a local quilt shop called Thimbles and Threads.  But, today we decided to meet at someone's house. 

 We do show and tell which is such a fun part of getting together!  We learn from each other and get motivated to work on our current projects as well as starting new ones (OH NO!!  LOL)

Crochet bears...

crochet booties...

crochet granny square sweaters...

hand quilting in a hoop...this is a quiltsmart fun!

ply/spinning a fine thread on a Hansen Electric Spinner
Hand quilting without a hoop... (fun "shoe" peaking out there, huh?)

It was a GREAT day!  It's always so energizing and heartwarming to visit with good friends
that share common "threads"  =D


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Easy half-square triangle quilt by Moda

A few weeks ago, I decided to put a sewing machine up on our dining room table so that I could be closer to our Penny-pup.  She is a 9.5 year old Bullmastiff.  She was diagnosed a couple months ago with bone cancer and can't get up and down our stairs anymore.  My regular sewing room is upstairs.  But, the dining room is on our main floor and not too far from where she sleeps.

(Bone biopsy was done to diagnose the cancer)
(yep, nutcracker is still hanging out lol)
I used a layer cake that has been sitting in my stash for a few years.
...and a white on white tiny swiss dot that was also in my stash for awhile.
I layed the fabrics pretty sides together, drew a pencil line diagonally across the backside or the background fabric.
I then chained sewed the squares, 1/4" on both sides of the diagonal pencil line.
I used this layout, a free Moda pattern called "Moda Love"
You can find the PDF HERE
Here is my version with a small border added
This was a real quilty-mojo starter!  It was easy and fast!
There are times when I'm just not in a quilty mood.   I've probably got my hands/fingers in another crafty pie.  I do, find though, that working on an EASY quilt project will get my quilty juices flowing again. =)
How about you?  Do you ever need an EASY project to kinda get you back in the swing of things?

Monday, May 4, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage Book and Sew Along =D

I'm adding a new quilty project to my list of projects in progress.  I know...I know...I can see your eyes rolling at me!  "...not ANOTHER project on her list...OH MY!
But, in my defense...This ship book sailed into my life and looked  WAY TOO MUCH FUN not to embark on this ride!  =D
My very first sighting of  Lori Holt's book was last week at one of our local quilt shops.  A friend and I were out for some quilty fun.  Someone came up to the counter and asked for Farm Girl Vintage book and the clerk said they were totally sold out.  The story copy was available to look at.  After looking through the pages, seeing all the fun pictures, ideas, great instructions, we were both SMITTEN!
Of course, it was the ONLY copy left in the store...the store's copy, not available for purchase. Oh shoot...sigh...
As we walked out of the shop towards the car, our "need" to have the book started growing.  (Insert a time-lapsed video of a little seed growing into a lilac bush).  Oh MY!
The miracle of internet on cell phones (yes it is a miracle to an oldy-moldy like me, lol).  Right in the car, we promptly started calling shops to see if they had any in stock. We needed TWO.  We called several stores before we got, "Yes we do have two".  Flying low...we arrived, hurried out of the car into the shop and quickly grabbed the two that were left. does the coils get so wound.  LOL  =P
Look at all these fun blocks!!  And...this is not your average sampler block quilt book...nope-nope =D
There are LOTS of ideas for using the blocks to make quilts other than the sampler pictured on the front of the book.

EVERY block has directions for making BOTH 6" and 12" finished sized blocks!  
Cute-cute hens all in rows!  There are so many blocks that would make darling one-block variation quilts.
And, oh-so-cute potholders.  I luv the sheep (second row, far right).  I can just see a quilt with all sheep
like the one above that is all Hens. 
There is a Farm Girl Vintage Sew-Along on Lori's blog, Bee In My Bonnet. Click HERE to find out more about it. =)  The fun is just beginning!!! =D   If you haven't gone over to visit Lori's newest quilt-along, ya otta take a peek, yep-yep.  You just might find yourself embarking on a fun ride with Farm Girl Vintage.  I won't tell if you don't want anyone to know you are starting another new project =P
One final voyage aboard the Good Ship Lollipop 
The Sew-Along just started this last Friday.  =)  The first block was Apron finished block below.
and, remember...  =P