Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sew Simply Stitched 2017 (day 2&3)

This first picture is a quilt hanging in the local Roosevelt quilt shop called "Annie's Quilt Shop" (nope not my shop, lol).  It's such a friendly store!  They have quite a good variety of fabrics that include minky, flannel, extra wide backing.  I fell in love with this horse panel quilt!  I purchased the fabrics with the idea to sew on it while at the retreat.  The shop didn't have any more patterns to purchase.  So I measured and planned it out with the help of my two retreat/condo chums.  
The square in a square made with brown and blue, created the separation rows.  I decided to do
half square triangles because it seemed easier to me to figure the math to make them.

This was the super sewing set-up in our condo living room. Two of us brought Sew-EZ tables (the white tables in the foreground)

Working on my Horse panel quilt, I had to revert to the old fashioned way of making half square triangles. The first step of cutting all the squares out and pairing a blue and brown, right sides together.  Second was drawing diagonal lines on each set, and third sewing 1/4" on each side of that line. Fourth,  I cut on the diagonal drawn line, and fifth, I needed to trim to correct sizes. Whew...  That was SLOW going, compared to my more preferred method of  Triangles on a Roll papers.

We walked early morning Thursday...YIKES it was 42 degrees outside!  The point on my nose and the tips of my fingers were freezing-COLD. 

I did enjoy the hay pasture smells and the pretty fields.  Later in the day we walked again and it was
warmer.  Also, the cows had been moved to the pastures and I enjoyed their moooos as we walked
by them.  Friday we walked later in the day.  I figured that I didn't want that point on my nose to fall off!  LOL
Friday was our class with Carmen Geddes.  And she was just theee awesomest!... so down to earth, very informative, and wonderfully patient in explaining and helping each individual student to be successful. 

I would definitely take a class from her again!  =D
There were many other GREAT classes and GREAT teachers!!  You can visit the Sew Simply Stitched website to see who all was there to enlighten and brighten the quilty lives of those
who attended the retreat. 
This was my main squeeze when I tucked myself into bed at night.  =P.  Okay, I know... I might be a leeeeetle too old for this sort of thing =P.  Honestly, though, it really is relaxing to hold a stuffy when away from home.  I feel like I can go to sleep easier in a strange place with a stuffy. 

The three of us in the condo, each had our own retreat color.  This was my rotary cutter fob.
We had a roll  ribbon in our colors too, so that we could attach to tote bags, and other retreat items.
These fun engraved mugs greeted as we drank our morning hot drinks, or our afternoon cool drinks.
Our initials on the other side kept us from getting our drinks mixed up =D
The quilty-ladies sleep-over wouldn't have been complete without each of us having our very own
 RUBY slippers LOL
In closing, I'd like to say a very sincere and heartfelt  THANK YOU to  those wonderful ladies that put in so much work to make attendees feel welcome and "spoiled".  The displays were very fun to look at and the table settings on the food tables were so cute!  We had fun games and prizes.  I'm sure it was a LOT of work!  Thank you for a great Sew Simply Retreat 2017!!  I can't wait to attend again in 2018 =D.
       =====   =====   ====   =====   =====    =====   =====    =====    =====    =====
There's no age limit to sleepovers or retreats, right?  =D
We do have to grow older...but, we don't have to grow "up".
Sometimes, being able to act like a kid again is the best treat we can give ourselves.  =)


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sew Simple Stitched retreat 2017 (day 1)

This retreat was sooo much fun!  And the following is documentation of the "shenanigans" =D

I left my home and drove a few minutes to my friend's house
to load her things into my car, and we drove off about 10:30am
Wednesday morning.  Going southeast, we headed to...

Midway, Utah and a short visit at
My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe.  This is a
truly fun and unique little quilt store.

You can find a very good selection of great fabrics, books,
patterns and notions, along with a Babylock sewing
machine shop.  It's well worth the time to visit. =)
It was a beautiful sunny day to drive the remaining 2+ hours
to Roosevelt, the retreat's location and our condo.  I wish I
had some pictures to share of the landscape.  There were
long stretches of winding flat lands and rolling hills
covered in snow. 
This was the entrance to the event center the day we
arrived.  The quilt display was changed regularly to
reflect each day's classes.
Awesome retreat gift bags waiting to be in the hands
of each lucky retreat attendee as they check in
Thursday morning! 

These were our lunch and dinner tables in the
foreground.  A little bit further back were rows of
seats set up for the trunk shows to be given on Thursday
and Friday evenings

One of the retreat vendors...
Another retreat vendor...

There were many quilts hanging all around the center,
all gorgeous.  I didn't get pictures of all of them.

more quilts on display

and more

and more  =D
We checked into the Winteron Suites, which happen to be
just a short walk from the events center pictured above.
Our townhome/condo was a 3 bedroom with each room
having it's own full bath.  Also, there is a living room with
2 leather couches, a fully equipped kitchen, and so many other
amenities.  It was super clean too =).
~ to be continued... tomorrow... more pictures of
the following days, sewing, classes, etc


Friday, March 10, 2017

Thread Bears (Utah) March gathering...lots of pictures =D

We have sooo much fun when we all get together!  As you can see with the following pictures, we have ladies who come to work on many different kind of "threaded" crafts.  We share our love of the crafts we like to do and many times people will want to try crafts that they've previously not tried before.  Enablers in the bunch??  OH!  YES...most of us REALLY enjoy getting someone hooked on a new hobby.  =D
Above are D'Ann's crochet blankets

               Above, left: hand embroidered/crayon colored blocks by Carol.  And to the right is a cute crochet doll by D'Ann

Above a 5" block sashed with grey solid, baby quilt sized top made by Denise 

Hand spun balls of yarn made by Shirley

A scrappy 8" Glam Clam, work in progress by Muriel

A cross stitch work in progress by Denise
Beautiful quilt top, a squares are 6" and mostly paper-pieced,
 made Connie

We meet in a wonderful lower level room at a
GREAT Quilt shop!!  Thimbles and Threads =D

Terri with a machine in progress

a close up of Connie's 6" blocks quilt above

another one of Connie's quilts!  =)
Seeing all the lovely projects, talking with and laughing about things going on in our so re-energizing for me!  This next week I will be going on a Quilting Retreat here in Utah with a few friends.  I will bring quilty projects as well as some knitting and drop spindle spinning.  I find if I only bring one type of project, I will get bored.  Focus isn't my strong suit.  LOL
Do you have quite a few projects going at once?  Or do you have to finish one before starting a second one? 

Have you smiled today?  =D

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Thread Bears stitching and quilting group

This is a post for those of you that might want to attend our Thread Bears Group that meets in Draper, Utah. 

Our next meeting is March 9th 10am to 2pm (sometimes later, lol).  Quilters, and all manor of threaded handcrafters are welcome.  We have ladies who spin on spinning wheels, or that knit and crochet, or do tatting...sometimes cross stitchers drop in to visit too.  =)

If you would like to know the location of our group, please post a comment below and I will send you an email with the address/location.

We meet every month on the SECOND THURSDAY.  Each person brings their own "sack" lunch and covered drink, project(s) to work on, AND, most fun part...SHOW n' TELL.  There is usually a Gift and Share table where people will bring items (new and pre-owned).  We do a round-robin with names so each person gets a chance to pick something from the Gift table.  =)

The following are future dates:

March 9
April 13
May 11
June 8
July 13
August 10

Do any of you have fun local group gatherings?  It really is refreshing and rejuvenating to be with others the enjoy crafty things like we do!  =D

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