Monday, May 22, 2017

Sew30SewFUN May2017 check-in (5/15-5/21) and give away update

 Okay...sooooo, hmmm...last week for me wasn't fulfilling my challenge to myself of 30 minutes EACH day/6days.  HOWEVER... =D, I DID sew for 3 hours for the week total.  The sewing was mainly on the weekend.  Being true to my commitment to the "cyber jar" (giveaway monies),  the jar now contains $35!!! 
yeth...I know... the numbers are skatty-whampus.
I'm still learning to edit photos =( 

Some Sew30 escapades:
I sat down to my favorite sewing seat.  It's a small student/office chair purchased at Target.  I love the bright turquoise color.  I dunno, it's just a cheery color! I have tried many seat options to help with my back hurting after sitting in the chair for sewing over several hours.  I do get up to cut and to iron.  And, I've tried back supports, heating pads, larger/super-padded seats with larger backs.  I've tried heating pads and pillows.  I've tried the rubber-y blow-up seating pad.  Nothing I've tried over the years has helped more than this seat pad. It has a special shape of cushy memory foam.  If I place it this direction and a bit forward on the chair, I can sit in a way that keeps my back from arching or adding any pressure to my spinal cord.  I LOVE it!!
Then I turned on some fun, favorite songs...and, off I went into my sewing happy place =)


More GLAM Clams coming along!
This may seem a waste of time to some.  But, I really do love to use pins to keep things from sliding all around.  I find that pins (maybe many in a small space) help me to be more accurate than I otherwise would be.  I don't like to sew with urgency or in a hurry to finish.  So, putting (and taking out) pins is worth the time for me.  =)
I cut some more pieces of my Buggy Barn "Reelin".  This is the snail's trail part that will go between the stars. 
(image is from back of the book Positively Crazy )
That's my sewing for this past week. 
Below are some pictures of a quilt I made a year or so ago and was kept nice to give away to someone special that might enjoy it.  With bittersweet feelings, I boxed up this quilt and...
sent it off to a very special lady.  I'm so grateful that I had a quilt with her favorite color in it
...PINK!  =).  I'm so happy that I can give something from my heart.  But, I am also VERY sad and my heart is VERY heavy because...

this sweet lady is suffering from the later stages of cancer.  =(  =(  =(

I hope it arrives safely in it's flat rate priority box.  I hope that it brings her some comfort, that this quilt will bring a smile to her face =).
Are you are having some progress in your own personal challenge to add 30 minutes of daily sewing to your life? =)   Maybe you are getting projects completed that you didn't think you would finish before the challenge?  Or maybe you are just getting in a little bit more sewing in your week?  Your sewing escapades encourage and motivate me!  =D

 Isn't it soooo awesome that quilts CAN give hugs?!  And, that each time a person uses it, they get yet another hug...  =D



Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sew She finished! ...with a friend's help =D

This is a quilt from "many moons ago"  =P.  I had the binding all sewn except about 12-18".  I just couldn't motivate myself (discipline isn't really woven into my DNA lol), to put it on to the machine and sew the ends together...and finish the back and front of the binding in that area. 


For several months, the quilt languished hanging over this or that table.  It was folded and put into the "to be finished" pile(s).  Then, it was dragged and unfolded to be dumped into a heap of things to make room for organizing a particular area in the sewing room.
One day a sweet friend came to visit with me and we sewed together in my sewing loft.  As we chatted, she noticed the quilt's sadness in it's heap on the side of a messy pile in a dark corner of the sewing room.  My friend asked if she might help me to get it finished.  I smiled and went to pick the quilt up and show her the area that still needed to be completed.  I really enjoyed making the quilt.  How did it get mixed up in such a messy pile on the wrong side of the room?  =(

I commented that I didn't know WHY I'd left this fun quilt for so long without completing the binding.  She said she'd gladly finish it for me as she happily put it into a big tote bag to take home with her.

Just a few days later when we met up again for some sort of quilty escapade, my friend brought the
SEW SHE SEWS quilt back to me ALL complete with finished binding!  (I DO love rounded corners on quilts =D )

(the back with a border strip in the middle)

And, so she (my good friend!) sewed the binding to finish my SEW SHE SEWS quilt =D
How VERY grateful I am for friends who are constantly and consistently so lovingly patient with my many personality deficits.  I'm so grateful that they are there to motivate me when my discipline and/or mojo are in the negative.  They help me get over my hurdles of frustration and are there to throw me life jacket when I'm stuck in the a "river" going no where because I didn't remember my paddles.  


Monday, May 15, 2017

Sew30SewFUN May 14th check-in and giveaway update =D


This last week some of my sewing escapades included learning to make a "Fat Quarter Pop-up".  Find out more about them HERE.  They come in 3 sizes and this is the small one.  They are really fun to make!  And, finding fun and unique fat quarters for your pop-ups is easy at your local quilt shop!!  =D


The second picture is a "Ruby Slippers" one made for me by my friend Muriel.  The "pop-ups" make great hanging baskets hanging from the table next to your sewing machine!  The clamps can be purchased through Amazon (here).

Next...was a quick hem around a rectangle of cotton canvas material for a new TV tray ironing board cover!

I purchased the fabric 50% off a JoAnn's and so the total price to cover the board was about
$3.00 =D.  I have to confess that the TV tray was already padded and covered with a muslin colored canvas that I purchased at the Sew Simply Stitched retreat back in March. (a SUPER FUN retreat...may I add! more info about the retreat on their website here).  But, I wanted to pretty it up a bit =)
The next think I worked on this week was my Glam Clams from Latifah Saafir!  You can find out more about her patterns, specifically the Glam Clam in 3 sizes.  Her patterns are some of the BEST patterns I've seen.  Heavy cardstock with great color instructions, they are easy to read and follow! And the acrylic rulers are GREAT too!!  Check out her website here.
Here's some photos of my progress on these fun Clammies!!

I ADORE scrappy quilts!!!  But, they don't seem to have the same feelings towards me!!  =P.  I have always struggled with choosing what little scrappy pieces goes where and next to "who".  I find that the RUBY BEHOLDER (no longer available, but HERE is something similar) is a great tool and helps me a quite a bit. But, it can still take me 20-30 minutes to arrange just a few pieces.  
 I struggle with rearranging... many...umpteen times!  Ugh...=(
Notes about my personal week's challenge: 
I didn't sew six days for 30 minutes per day.  I DID sew a total of minutes for the week that would add up to 30 minutes per day.  However, MY challenge for myself is to try to create a habit of sewing a minimum of 30 minutes per day.  So...I will still be putting $5 per day into the Cyber Jar for those day that I don't sew the 30 minute minimum. 
There will be a minimum of $20
 in the Giveaway at the end of the month!
But, I've put in $15 so far.  =P
So how did you all do with YOUR 30 minute sewing challenge this last week??  I'd love to hear how you did and what your worked on =).  Remember, to focus in on ANY and ALL matter how small! 



Wednesday, May 10, 2017

No-sew Jeans patching and I'm off the hook =D

I don't know if any of you get "rashes" when you need to hem or repair jeans.  But, I do.  My worries start to stack up.  Will I measure incorrectly?  What if I cut off and they are too short?  Needles can break and hit me in the face...maybe worse in my eyes!!  I know, there are those extra heavy duty needles for jeans.  But, when you hem...Oh MY!! there are lots of layers at the seams!  Because my husband is a bit short (to his documentation, it's 5'4"), I've done my share of hemming pants in our 43 years of marriage.  I hmmmm and haaaaw, with some extra procrastination added in.  Tired of waiting for me, he once tried to hem his own jeans and gave up =(.

He likes to use up and reuse, fix what's broken (which our family lovingly calls jimmy DAD rigging).  This is an admirable trait and I'm not really knocking it.  But...when I get dragged into his path of jimmy rigging the very worn out jeans, well...lets just say that I get even bigger rashes than doing hems with quadruple layers of denim. 

For softball, part of his favorite attire guessed it, OLD (soft) jeans.  And, the knees do get worn, especially sliding into bases...which he loves to do LOL.  Last several years I have patched and re-patched the knees using extra pieces of denim cut from a different pair of jeans that weren't re-patchable.  But, they didn't seem to last but a dozen wash and wears.  I think that the darning/stitching weakened the area around the patches. 

Mr. Fix-it went online and researched methods of jean-pants patching, in particular knees and worn pocket corners.  I'm actually excited to share the results of his research.  I hope this might help other jean-pants repairmen (and repair women) from possible "rash conditions" like those I've previously suffered (lol).  Of course, this doesn't mean that my hemming days are over =P

THIS is the "magical"stuff  =D

Pants are turned wrong side out and a heavy paper or cardboard is
 placed inside to cover the hole in the jeans.  The paper keeps the glue
from going through to the other side.
Spread glue generously over the worn out area,
 and extend glue outside of the worn area several inches.
I didn't get a picture of him spreading the GOO on the patch itself.
(You can see the size of the patch in the above picture)
He did glue the wrong side of the patch generously.  He said that
online it suggested putting glue on both patch and leg of pant.
And, to put GOO on the wrong side of the patch also. 
He then placed a flat board on the patch and pant leg after
they were glued together.  And, a heavy concrete block was
place on top of the board for better adhesion.
After one day, he then took the jeans out to lay in the sun
to make sure all was dry.
They've been machine washed and sent through the dryer as normal.  The patch, so far seem to be holding securely.  And, the process actually strengthened the knee area.  The machine stitching seemed to weaken it.  I will update at a later to let you know how the GOO patch is working.