Monday, June 26, 2017

Sew30 SewFun June 2017 check-in and giveaway update

I didn't get much sewing time in since last Monday.  But, I have been spinning on my drop spindle, and doing some knitting too.  We have been visiting with family in the Tacoma/Seattle area of Washington State.  =)
This is a Turkish drop spindle hand made by Jeri Brock
(you can find her HERE)
Shamrocks hand carved =)
Some Grandies at a fun Mexican restaurant near
Seattle, Washington. 
This wee one is our youngest grandie, Arlo.
He sat at the "adult" table. lol
Since I've not been sewing his whole week...the dollars have been adding up in the Cyber-Jar.  OH!  MY!  =P.   I've decided to create TWO cyber-jars!!  =D -- Each will have at least $25!  At the end of June 2017, there will two giveaways with a minimum of $25 each.  =D.  I'm still traveling for a few who knows, there could be more!! 



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Monday, June 19, 2017

Sew30SewFun check-in =)

We are a little over half way through the month. =).  How are your projects coming along?
Do you feel you've been putting just a bit more focus on sewing? ...even if you aren't able to get in 30 minutes EVERY day?  Do you think a bit more about a certain project?  Or are you just wanting to get more sewing time matter the project?  =) 

This is what I concentrated on this last week.  =D

I wanted to angle the seams on the binding so that they wouldn't show as much on the quilt.

My Babylock sewing machine as an integrated
laser light.  It's awesome for diagonal sewing!

I always struggle with overthinking when it comes to scrappy and a lot of times with my borders too!
It makes a project take WAY longer than it should take because I get bottlenecked with decisions.  I tried about 6 other borders before coming up with the one below.  But.... in the end...

...I felt that the very plain, simple one below suited the quilt better.  And, it let the Clams be the focus.  So, the print will be part of the backing.  

Do you have a hard time with fabric choices in your quilts? I use the one of those color value tools (available for purchase and info HERE).  These DO help.  But that OVER thinking minion in my brain haggles with me still!  LOL
I also worked a little on cutting out pieces for my Delilah quilt (more info and where I'm taking the class HERE).  Our Teacher, Kristin Barrus is AWESOME!! 

I've decided to piece my block by hand.  And, I needed a GOOD/ACCURATE stitching line.  I've opted to use the outside of the templates as my stitching line.  Then, I cut approximately 1/4" on the outside of my drawn lines.  In the picture above, you can see that I draw the lines with my fabric on top of the sandpaper board by Sue Daley. 

Most of the points will need to be drawn as intersections because these templates have corners trimmed for machine piecing.  My blocks will all be a little bigger.  But, they will fit if I sew accurately.  I will also be using silk thread for the hand sewing.  =)
**The cyber jar is up to $20
for giveaway at end of month. 
But, I'm sure it will hold more before then!
For more info go HERE

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sew30SewFunJune2017 Challenge Check-in


I apologize for not doing the check-in sooner.  But, my laptop was having KUHnipshunz with internet connections the last couple of days.  So, I couldn't log on to blogger in my usual way and upload pictures, etc.  I hope this didn't discourage you in your quest to get some sewing done for the challenge. 

How has your sewing time been going?  What projects have you been working on...maybe finishing?
Reading about your projects in very encouraging =)

My sewing has been going slowly.  =(.  But on Thursday at our local quilt group meeting I was able to get in an hour plus.  And, I did to a bit of sewing on Sunday.  My total for last week was approximately 2 hours.  I'm still *in-progress* with my Glam Clam quilt.  I've had some glitches.  I can get hung up on choosing colors when doing a scrap quilt.  And, I was having a hard time choosing extra borders.  Then, a glitch in the bottom "muffin" pieces for the last row. can suck the momentum out of a smooth sailing with so many glitches.  But, I'm going to persevere.  =P
A great mug with some words of wisdom. 
Bought it a wonderful local yarn shop.

The challenge continues to help me get more sewing done, working towards finishing projects that otherwise would be sitting sadly in a container on a shelf.

Besides sewing I have been working on other crafty projects =D.  I regularly have to switch tracks with my craft genres (knitting, crochet, spinning fiber, weaving...) to keep my interests from getting too stale in one area.  I hope to share some of these projects in future blog posts. 

Do you have other handcrafts besides quilting?  If so, what?

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The Cyber (giveaway) Jar is currently:


Monday, June 5, 2017

Winner of Sew30sewFUN May 2017 and June Challenge info

The winner of the $35 Gift Certificate is.....

MARY!!  ...from "Texas Hill Country"
 Thank you SOOOO very much to all those who participated, and left comments about their progress and projects!  All of you have encouraged me to hang in there with this challenge myself!
Sew30SewFUN June 2017
1) Try to sew just 30 minutes, 6 days a week
2) Please comment about your progress on those Blog Posts with the subject being... Sew30SewFUN
3)  There will be a gift certificate at the end of June.  The winner will be chosen from those who leave comments on Sew30SewFun blog posts. 
4)  This challenge can be different for different people in that a Winner for the Gift Certificate is NOT chosen only from those who actually succeed with sewing 30 minutes/6 days per week.  My thinking is that we can be successful even if we are doing better today than yesterday  =)
5)  There will be a minimum of $25 for the Gift Certificate. could get higher.  I will be putting $5 in the "Cyber Jar" each day that I do not sew the 30 minutes. 
6)  TODAY (June 5th) is the START date!  Ready?  Set?  Go...

Sew30SewFUN June 2017