Monday, July 3, 2017

Sew30SewFun June 2017 check-in and giveaway update

How didja all do this last week of June and for the month?  I didn't do very good this month!  =(.  I was out of town for 10 days and that really put a gimp in my giddy-up =P
...and, yep, I was on a "SEE-food" diet! (ha ha)
But, I had a great time traveling to Washington State and hanging out with our kids and grandkids! =D.  I was able to visit a few yarn shops and a quilt shop.  I'll try to post more of those adventures in a later post. 

This little critter is just theeeeeee cutest
(well, from grandma's point of view LOL). 
This is our youngest grandie, Mr. "lar-lo" 
... my nickname for him.  =P
Please leave a comment about how you did this month on your projects.  I will do a random drawing from all the comments for June's Challenge. 
**The comments for June's challenge will close July 5th @midnight Mountain Time.  I will post the winner by Friday July 7th =D.




Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I didn't get as much stitching done this week, but, I was in the sewing room, prepping for sewing. I did take a class yesterday, so, that was over 4 hours of sewing. Got the ironing board recovered Saturday, so, did some ironing on Saturday and a bit yesterday. Lots of other stuff, too. Now that you are back home, you can get back in the groove.

STH said...

I'm still sewing a lot--deadlines will do that to you! I finally finished the baby quilt I was working on, as well as the dress. A few more projects to finish before vacation at the end of the month.

BarefootThunder said...

I actually got more accomplished than I thought I would, no sewing at all on a number of days, but did do pressing or cutting on most of those days !!!
Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement.

kc said...

Love the required...he cracked me up! I had to take some (temper) time outs, but I got my t shirt quilt all done up and off to a longarmer for finishing touch! Didn't help that I can't do math and used another person's measurements to make a block. Took me 3 short seams to figure out it wasn't going to work, and about 2 hours, graph paper, a calculator and my hubby to get it all figured out. 5 minutes with a Seam ripper and about 5 minutes to put it together properly, and whew, what a relief! Used embroidery machine to make an in the hoop notebook cover, sweet as can be. Will be gifting that.

Also made a carry bag for our square dance club's PVC pipe flag stand (made the flag, too, but last year).

Hemmed 2 pairs of shorts for hubby (i would rather make am all new, truth be told)

So, it's been a busy week, but I'm proud of all I got done!

kc said...

Love the replied? Darn auto correct. I wrote SEAHORSE!

Moira said...

Been making progress! Flamingo is now halfway done, now I'm to the boring part (the legs....) Have finished up 2 rows for the 2017 row-by-row. And went shop-hopping to collect more rows (9 shops) on Saturday. Now back to work on my assorted projects.

Beth said...

Despite being a month of rough health, June felt like a good month for quilting. I worked steadily on finishing up works-in-progress, and while I started a couple of new things, they were well-considered: I passed up so many others! The best was saved for the last week, when my best friend from high school, the woman who taught me how to quilt, came for an unexpected visit, and gave me great suggestions about how to move forward on some projects that have been languishing. I know I'll love them even more when they are done, now that they will be reminders of my darling friend. Tonight I am going to re-do my chart of quilts-in-progress, for the second half of the year.

Darlene said...

Glad you had a good time away. I just kept organizing and measuring for quilt backs. I love piecing but not so much putting it all together.

Chiska said...

I haven't been participating but in recent weeks I have finished some projects that have been in my to finish pile (some in my head) for a long time.....and I have to tell someone since I don't have time to post on my blog. :) I made 2 baby quilts, 2 table runners, completed a little wall quilt and finished quilting a queen size quilt I've been working on for a couple of years and bound a charity quilt that someone asked me to bind (I don't know why that one was so hard, but it's taken me almost 2 years so it feels really good to have it done!) Thanks for letting me share! It's amazing what a little concentrated effort and not freaking out over mistakes, but just fixing them will do. Hope you had a happy 4th!

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