Sunday, July 12, 2009

out smart or dead pot?

conclusions for smart potting:
1) plants must be in a plastic pot and then put into the decor pot (w/rocks and water, see previous post "out smarting the potted plant"). The plants shown below are planted in a cardboard type pot. It dries out to fast needing to use the reservoir of water in the decor plant to often. These pots didn't last 2 days before they needed water.

2) These pots did well for a full 5 days with only the water in the decor pot's reservoir. The brown pot on the right is actually a "self-watering" pot. It is made with reservoir and so a person can plant directly into it. No need for the double pot idea that I used on the other pots. If you google online you will find places that sell pre-made self-watering pots.

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