Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Portland Quilt Expo

I flew into Portland on Thursday the Sept 24th about 9:30am. A sweet friend from Eugene, Oregon came to pick me up. We drove directly to the Portland Quilt show arriving about 10am. It was a wonderful quilt show! So many vendors and quilts to see that it took us until about 4:30 that afternoon to go thru all of the vendors and most of the quilts. We sat only about 30 minutes for a bite to eat at the expo. There were authors of quilt books and/or patterns. There were innovators with new tools to make quilting easier and more fun. Below is a picture of about 1/3 of the the show. There were so many beautifully made quilts. Some with such great detail and complicated designs, that even having quilted for so many years, one would be utterly intimidated.

Looks like a few Las Vegas Dancers left there bras at the quilt show!!! Well, not really. This was a quilt challenge put out at one of the local quilt stores to get donations for "Quilts For The Cure" (cancer awareness and research). It was fun to see how many different ways a bra could be decorated. These are just 3 of about 12 0r so displayed at the quilt show.

This was our "reward" for all the "hard work" of walking all day with our heavy bags of newly aquired goodies at the quilt expo........dinner at Claim Jumper! Of course being around the Portland area it was buried in beautiful trees.

What a chocolate lover's dream! But, we must eat a good dinner. Then it could be for dessert. A big hitch, we became too full after eating our dinner that we didn't dare even try to share it between the two of us. So it remained just a dream that kept calling out to our minds for several days. More on this cake later...............

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