Thursday, September 10, 2009

St George............

We have a small house in St. George, Utah (about 121 miles north of Las Vegas and 307 miles south of Salt Lake City). It has 3 bedrooms/2 baths, a cozy family room with a nice open kitchen and kitchen nook, and 2 car garage. There is a "patio-yard" and front is all small rock and drip water, so there is very little to maintain. We don't have any TV except for watching movies. It's kinda good because we catch up on Redbox movies and some boxed tv series. Victor amuses himself by checking out all the local Pawn shops for the "steal of a deal" gun purchase. Or the great deal on shirts at the discount mall. I check out as many places as i can for deals on quilt fabrics/toys. And, of course no trip would be complete without several trips to BOTH the local Wal-marts and Costco.

Penny as she enjoys a car ride to one of her favorite destinations - the Coral Canyon hunting grounds.

She loves to go "bummy" (bunny) hunting". We walk her on a leash, but she thinks she is actually hunting because whenever she is even remotely close to a critter it TAKES OFF!

OH-KAY......, at this point some of you might be saying "BORING!!!" But, it's quite relaxing to us. =+)

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