Sunday, October 24, 2010

skipped stitches

That's what i was afraid of.  =+( .  I was afraid that the machine wouldn't work right.  So, i just avoided turning the machine on even though the quilt sandwich was pinned, rolled up and all ready to go. I kept finding other "more" important things to do.

"Ok, (i'm saying to myself) it's time to try some mental shinanigans(*see my definition at the end of the blog). "Yes, (i answer myself) it's ridiculous that everything is ready to go and you are afraid of skipped stitches!" 

The mental shinanigans seemed to work.  When i awoke this morning, i was actually motivated to turn on the longarm quilting machine.  About 4:30pm, i thread "her" up and turned "her" on.  I began to stitch on the practice area of the border.  UGH! baggy/saggy stitches!  I did some adjusting.  Still those bad stitches reared their ugly heads!  Talking to myself - "did this happen to just prove my fears?"  Answering myself,  "no, i don't think so. you just need to stay positive and don't let the threads win!"

45 minutes later and several failed attempts, i realized that it was threaded wrong.  After putting the thread thru its proper dips, circles and loops - the machine hummed along with great enthusiasm.

I dunno if i was really afraid of skipped stitches.  I think i was more afraid that if something went wrong, that i wouldn't be able to fix it.

*Mental shinanigans - I try to use positive mental images when i have something i procrastinate doing.  With regards to my longarm machine fear, this is what i did:  The night before, lights out, and my eyes are closed getting ready to sleep - i picture myself turning on the machine and sewing with no problems.  After a couple rows of sewing, i rewind the scene and start over turning on the machine and sewing with no problems.  I do this until i actually fall asleep.