Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The term retreat has several related meanings, all of which have in common the notion of safety or temporarily removing oneself from one's usual environment in order to become immersed in a particular subject matter. A retreat can be taken for reasons related to spirituality, stress, health, lifestyle, or social or ecological concerns. Increasingly, organizations hold retreats to focus board and staff members on key issues such as strategic planning, enhancing communication and collaboration, problem-solving and creative thinking.

Okay, so a Quilting Retreat couldn't really be classified as "spiritual" in the exact sense of the word.  Yet, for quilters, it could come close.  =+)

I'm planning a small retreat at our home.  It will take place during several of the days that my husband will be in Indiana to watch the University of Utah football team play Notre Dame. 

It will be a big girl's sleepover with games, prizes, food, sewing and chatter.  This will be the first Quilt Retreat that I've ever attended, let alone try to plan.  After some interviews with others who have attended such "spiritual" experiences and lots of research and questions to some on line..............I'm really hoping that it will all turn out to be fun, relaxing, and a bit of an escape from their regular daily chores for those that attend.

I'll post reviews and comments on events after the retreat.  Maybe it will be of some use to those who might want to do one of their own.  Please, email me if you would like copies of print outs used for games.