Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Any ideas on how to fix this quilt?

I love the big victorian rose fabric and it was 40% off!  It was a bargain to good to pass up.  I also bought some of the fabric in the same line. 
This book and quilt on the front was my inspiration.  But, the picture on the book seemed to washed out. 

this is picture before adding the side triangles and black stop

I made the side triangles by first sewing the squares as they are in the middle of the quilt.  then i cut them to look like this.

I'm not happy with the end result (top picture). =+(       
 I think that the peach strip is just too lite/too much contrast. 
  1.   Maybe quilting the quilt with a green similar to the green stripe or red to match the corners? 
  2.   Maybe a simple appliqued 1" strip down the middle of the peach?
  3.   Or maybe when it's on a bed it won't looks so bad? 
  4.   I just didnt' want to rip our all the peach strips and sew back together.  But, would it be worth it to do that?
  5.  Maybe if I took off the pieced side triangles and did something else there?
I would love any suggestions!! 

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