Thursday, December 2, 2010

I wanna make this one!!

O! I wanna make one like this!! Isn't it just sooo cool?  This is a quilt that hangs out or more like "stands out" at Dave's Bernina in Provo.  It was made by a lady that really knows how to gather fabric and bring them together to make quilt "music".  She also happens to teach and work at the Bernina store! Her name is Chris Chaimberlain.
If you look closely, you can see that each square with circle has a compete quilt design that fits perfectly in the square.  It's cool because the Bernina does it all by itself!  Well, kinda sorta.  A person chooses a design and brings it up on the embroidery screen.  Then, the quilt is hooped so that a square is centered in that hoop, attach hoop into it's place on the embroidery arm and........set the machine in motion!! How cool is that?  Okay, so I've already asked that question.

Now, I just need to take one of those classes so I can learn to put my machine thru the maneuvers

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