Friday, December 10, 2010

OMGosh. Design your own fabric?

Oh, kay........this is so cool!!  How fun could this be?  How many possibilities for use? Well, you could:

  1. Print your own quilt labels like Jill's (of Jilllilly Studio) sister did for her, photo and info here
  2. You could take pictures of a favorite person, place, or thing for your main fabric in a quilt or wall hanging
  3. You could use a company logo/design and make everyone something out of it that works for your company
  4. Clubs, or groups, family reunions could design fabric for hats, shirts.....etc
  5. Take pictures of children's toys and use these to design fabric just for them
  6. Using hobbies or collections of special things to make fabric for someone.
  7. Use your own artwork - paintings or other to create a design
  8. For quilting.............aaaah..........this would be my favorite use!
  9. The possibilities seem never ending......

Its called Spoonflower .  They have a website with info and instructions on how to design your very own fabric.  On this main website you can see fabrics that are available for purchase that others have created.  If you create a fabric and someone purchase yardage of it, you can make a commision on the sale. They have a blog that is fun and interesting to visit too.

OMGosh, design your own fabric? Yep, you sure can! My mind is taking off like a helium balloon.  So many ideas.  So little time..............

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stacie said...

coolest thing ever.