Wednesday, December 22, 2010


"orm-man-nents" - that's grandma annie's language for ornament! 

Two young elves visited my house for the weekend and decorated my tree with ormannents. Afterwards, they decorated these cute wood ones below.  I bought these at JoAnn's for less than 99 cents and we colored them in with water color pencils. After the areas were colored to the desired coverage, we used q-tips dipped (very lightly) in a small dish of water to blend pencil lines.  Too much water on the cotton tip could cause colors to run over the lines.  If too much water is soaked up, you can dab off some of the wetness onto a napkin before blending. 

On the muzzle of the moose, we did a cream/white color, blended with wet q-tip, let dry.  Then, penciled circles of a blush pink, and blended again with wet q-tip.

On some of the images, we found that we could shade by penciling, blending, drying and then adding more color.  We didn't have time to seal the colors.  But, it would be a good idea for them to be sprayed with a lightweight clear sealer.  Fast, easy, cheap AND memorable.

Don't forget to have the artist sign their work - TO, FROM, and DATE
In years to come they will enjoy looking back on the fun "orm-manents" they made!

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