Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Make Fabric Patterns

This is a pajama bottom pattern that I cut out of fabric.  Why I create fabric patterns from the paper ones: 

1.  No pins needed making it much quicker                               
 2.  They don't tear like paper ones do                                      
 3.  Notes made of previous garment adjustments are easy to look back on

 When not in use, the patterns (both fabric and paper pattern with original envelope) are stored in a heavy duty ziplock bag.  Original pattern envelope is facing front so you can see pattern picture and info.

Close up showing some notes from previous years.  This is actually a size 4 with a size 6 length.

If you use a pattern that you think you will make several times or want to make adjustments to keep for later, try making the pattern out of muslin or other light colored cotton.  It's better if the fabric doesn't wrinkle excessively because then you would need to iron the pattern each time before using.  I did this once, kind of a pain. 

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