Sunday, December 19, 2010

quilts 'n sharing

For all the many years (36 years) that I have been sewing quilts, it has brought me more joy than I can describe.  I have learned so much from classes and teachers in several states.  I have met, sewn with, and shared life with some of the best people - some very BEST friends.  One of the greatest joys has been to share my love of sewing quilts with people that didn't even sew before I met them.  And, then, they in turn shared their excitement and new found love of quilts with others.  It's a kind of "pay-it-forward" in the realm of sewing.  The picture above is my youngest daughter getting a quilt ready on the long arm frame.  It's really great to see that she enjoys this process too!  The gift of a quilt not only warms the body, but, warms the heart of the giver and the receiver.

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