Monday, January 3, 2011

let the game begin....

The first person to comment with the all the answers correct - will win --> A cute pair of polka dot embroidery scissors and a fat quarter of quality batik fabric

The following are names of basic quilt blocks:
  1. pqpliaeu
  2. aprep ceginpi
  3. wapkthcor
  4. tibgatn
  5. lgipstpin
  6. cigriafnnte
  7. asitkb
  8. heblimstemlen

And  #9 you must find the blog date  of where I wrote about something you wear to go to sleep

To answer: click on "comments" at the end of the post and write your answers....


emily said...

2.paper piecing

9.nov 30

that's all I got.

stacie said...

1. applique
2. paper piecing
3. patchwork
4. batting
7. batiks
9. 11/30/09

i know #4 and #7 aren't actually quilt blocks...but they're quilt related and the only thing i could come up with.

Anonymous said...

left my comment on the wrong part.
See above comment