Monday, January 17, 2011

no more bottomless seams...

Have you ever sewn a seam just to find out that the bobbin ran out about 5-6 inches ago?  Many of the newer sewing machines let you know (somewhat accurately) when the bobbin is low.  But, here is an idea if you sew on a machine that doesn't have that new-fangled technology.:

~ Pull out about one yard of your thread. 
~ On the "back side of the one yard (side towards the spool), make a mark that you can see but would wash out.  There are several brands of wash-out marking tools for sewing.
~ Start the thread on the bobbin just a bit by hand and then set it up to wind on your machine. 
    Now when there is approximately 1 yard left of bobbin thread your mark will show up on bottom side of your seam!  =D  Yay! no more bottomless seams!

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Susan said...

Well - that is not such a bad idea. Hope you dont mind if I pass it around - Huge thanks!