Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Birthday - Jennifer

One of the perimeters I've set for my blog is that on Sundays the posts will be
family related.  The first Birthday of the year (in our immediate family) is
She is our 4th child and the 3rd daughter.

the 1st of March will be her 27th birthday!

 ^ in this photo session, she did NOT want to sit long enough to
have her picture taken
even now, she doesn't really like sitting still
 for much of anything...

When she was about 9 months -
she was diagnosed with Spinal Meningitis and
stayed in the hospital for several days....we almost lost her

 ^ notice...the cut on her nose? ...... yeah well,
 this the time our family was in a hotel room....
mom and dad were getting ready while Jenn.....
 (bored as usual and looking for something interesting to do)...
decided to tie her ankles together and jump
 from the corner of the bed. 
instead of jumping, she tipped forward and hit her nose on
a dresser sitting very close to the bed. 
Emergency Room trip #4
 Her hair was very long when she was young...
at one point it grew past her "tush"

 ^ in high school she was a tumbling, jumping
this is Jenn a few months ago...

When I think of Jennifer ....

She went to CHINA.....
okay....she did stay with a family...but,
it still sounds BRAVE to me!

She has always seemed to look after the "under-dog"
If you call her and really need her help....she will do her best to help
She is very smart
If ever I've asked her opinion
 (even at a very young age),
she has always been
able to look at things with logic and sensitivity
She gets bored easily and likes new (big) adventures
She's fun to be with
She always helps to clean-up, clears
the table and helps with the dishes
She has been in the emergency room...
WAY more times than any of her siblings
(in her opinion)
ANYthing you can do she can....
at least do as well...but probably better
and she's never stingy with her hugs!

I love you....happy 27th!


froggy (D'Ann Gayler) said...

Hugz, and Happy Birthday from D'Ann

StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh my goodness she's gorgeous! Simply gorgeous. :) blessings, marlene

JudyCinNC said...

What a wonderful guideline for Sunday posts. Beautiful daughter and beautiful quilts. Judy C in NC

Wendy said...

What a wonderful daughter you have and what wonderful memories!! Happy Birthday to her!! Thanks for sharing :)

Sparky said...

ahhh hello sweetie...pretty young lady at 27th..Happy name sake day.....accident prone..mmmm I had one of those too...she calls her scars character builders...she works as a vet, she is always getting pushed and kicked by large farm animals...