Friday, February 18, 2011

Ida's been hummimg

~ IDA  ~
She's one of my "helpers"
 in the sewing studio
She is a "sweet" 22" Innova
 Longarm Quilting machine

Ida and I finished this one
on Tuesday earlier this week
and it awaits binding

 The quilt below
is ready to roll-up onto Ida's arms 

I'm not a fancy quilter.  I'm just learning
tension, bobbins, threads and loading onto
Ida's arms

for now, it's just ......... 

loops-up -  loops-down
and  loop-tees all around


Mary Johnson said...

Loops are a good start! I tend to quilt overall freehand or pantographs. I don't do a lot of block to block custom quilting. Luckily the scrap quilts I make don't require it.

suemac said...

That is my dream to have a long arm someday. Very sweet.