Thursday, February 24, 2011

What kind of Binder are YOU?

1)  are YOU one who puts off doing your bindings
.............because it's your LEAST favorite part
of making a quilt?
2)  maybe YOU love hand sewing the binding to the back of the quilt?...
...because it's a relaxing, enjoyable part of
finishing the quilt?
3)  or... YOUR method is to machine sew binding - both sides at once?..
...because you just want it done and fast?

below is a picture of a binding I'm currently working on.....
it's probably ONE of 2 (.....MAYbe 3) biased bindings........
 I've cut for a quilt in  25 years.....
 "WHAT!!" say in amazement.......
"you don't put bindings on your quilts?!"
Oh.....of course........... I put bindings on all of my quilts..
and...... I confess... I'm one of those who
love to do bindings.......'s just that I DON"T do BIASED ones....

I cut this binding on the bias because...........
 (someone did a lot of fast talking to convince me that)
......i wanted the strip to "wrap" around
rather than just be horizontal
BTW.... It is IMMENSELY more safe (no dangerous-poky pins)
to use these leetle claspy things to hold the binding while sewing
.....I lost a LOT of blood before I found these "babies"!!

There a various methods to get the BINDING attached
check out these links......
 click here for Heather Bailery's printable directions with great diagrams
and here for photo tutorial on french binding by
 Kathy Mack at Pink Chalk Studio.

"Ruby- Reasoning"........About 28 years ago, I took an all day class with Judy Mathieson (of Mariner's compass fame, click here to learn more about her and her quilts).  In her class she told us that all of her bindings were done on STRAIGHT of grain.  She taught that a straight grain binding was stronger - especially for quilts that would be hanging on a wall a good part of the it's life.  She added that a doubled fabric binding (french style) would protect the quilt edges much better than the single layer.  I was sold.  Keeping in mind that this WAS 28 years ago (or so), she might suggest something different currently.... I don't know

Another thing I do (mostly because I'm lazy) to steer clear of mitered corners.  I do this by rounding the corners of the quilt.  I take a large plate and draw a GENTLE circle.  I use this line to sew the binding onto.  Quilts that "dress" a bed, seem to drape better over edges when corners of quilt are rounded rather than pointed.

SO..........are YOU......

1)  a single or a double binder?
2)  a straight of grain or bias cutter?
3)  a fan of mitered corners or rounded?

SEW?............Whadda, YA think?......what are YOUR opinions? to "hear" 'em


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I always make double fold bindings and I love to hand sew them to the back. I've done a few bias bindings for quilts with curved edges or to accent the pattern of the fabric. And I like to miter the corners - that never has been a problem for me.

I've only done one 'faux' binding (turning back to the front and machine sew down) but that was what the charity wanted. I really don't like the look.

Sparky said...

First I LOVE DOING bindings...and I do them all depending on what I need..bias I really like as it gives it a unique edge...straight when I just want a plain you doing good...go to it..

StitchinByTheLake said...

All double bindings for me and usually on the straight of grain except when, like you, I want a stripe or other directional print to do something different. I do mitered corners but only because I wasn't smart enough to think of round the corners. :) Now that you've mentioned that trick I'll be doing less and less mitered corners! blessings, marlene

Terri said...

I absolutely LOVE your mystery quilt, and I love the choice you made for the binding. I think you will love that you did on the bias.

As for my preference on bindings, I used to ALWAYS hand sew the binding to the back, but as i make more and more quilts for grandkids and people who would never notice the difference, I have gotten pretty good at doing it on the machine, stitch in the ditch.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE doing bindings (am I nuts or what) and I am so happy to be a new follower of your blog! Thanks SEW much for the tip on rounding the corners....I don't know why I never thought of that! You're right, it does look lovely on the corner of the bed. Thanks for sharing the tip!
Jacque in SC

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Binding!! I cannot even say the word without breaking into a cold sweat!! Here is what I do for mine, I give the quilt to my friend who puts the binding on for me!!!! Then I am more than happy to hand stitch it down. I do love your corner idea, I just may need to try that!

Mama Spark said...

I don't mind doing them, but they really hurt my hands and shoulders. Usually Pauline does them for me. In case you didn't know, Pauline did an AMAZING binding tutorial over on Stash Manicure. Her bindings are the absolute BEST I have ever seen,...EVER!!! Check it out!

Wendy said...

okay ... great questions :)
first, I'm a double binder, always have, don't know why, just like the feel of it better, I guess.
secondly, mostly I use straight of grain unless, like you, I have a really cool strip to "wrap"; and lastly, I've always used mitered because I've just always done it that way. ... like your use of rounded corners. Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Double, bias, mitred and hand sewn to the back. I like your rounded corner idea though.
Bev in Britain.