Monday, March 21, 2011

Fat Quater giveaway...It's Mystery Monday!

I was looking thru my quilt "library" a few days ago.
I came across one of my older books and.. idea popped into my head for today's
Mystery Monday...

In the early  1980's there was a Seminole Patchwork
revival... do you remember?
I'm calling it a "revival" because it was first
seen in the clothing of Seminole Indians of 1880's!
You can read more about the history of
Seminole Patchwork HERE

In the early 70's, Cheryl Greider Bradkin become
familiar with this unique style of patchwork
because her mother collected ethnic clothing.  With a few actual
garments in hand and some library research, Cheryl
 figured a way to reconstruct many of the original patterns...
She began to her teach her methods
in a local quilt store around 1978.
A few years later, she was offered a deal thru Yours Truly, Inc
to publish this book...

click here to find on
I had to put this picture in...
It must have been purchased in the early 80's!!
Take a look at that price...$5.50

Below are a few pictures from inside the book...

Below are some other images/sources that I found on
the Internet about Seminole Patchwork Designs...
OMGosh!....doesn't this look complicated??

k...these might not be my favorite colors...
Can't you see this in a bit more contemporary colors?

the colors in this pillow are a bit more...
well, don't you think a bit prettier?
Click HERE of the tutorial for this FUN pillow.
I can think of some other uses for this design...
...maybe a table runner? or a bodice to a dress?
What ideas come to YOUR mind???

So...the mystery today is..

How many words can you make from

Seminole Patchwork

You can use any and/or all of the letters only once per word
But, you can use a letter again to make a new word
Please, leave a comment and then... email me
with your list of words...
please put Mystery Monday in your subject
The person* with the most words will
quarters of their color choice!!

Contest will be open until
Friday evening 10pm (MT)

*must be a follower to win, thanks!


Anonymous said...

You think up the most fun things for us to do! I'll have my list to you soon!
Jacque in SC

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

What Fun!!

Terri said...

Annie, I LOVE this post. What a fun thing when you find a treasure and get people thinking about new ways to express their creativity. it made me want to make something.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Today's a good day to have a little word play - how fun.

Wendy said...

Annie! What fun ... something I can do while watching over a sick child ... yay! :)

Chris H said...

Much as I love the idea of winning some fat quarters... I just don't feel like thinking up words right now!
Gotta get dinner ready.
Just toooooooooo lazy! lol
Good luck to everyone else though.
That form of patchwork looks devine.... but complicated.

Chris H said...

Hell don't go apologising for making up a neat game!
I am just hopeless at games like that... I suck at Scrabble too!
I'm just hot and crabby today.... so humid here!
I'm sorry if I upset you with my comment, I did not mean to. I'm such a twit sometimes. *sigh*

Catherine said...

I think you need more rules. There are two "o"'s one in Seminole and oner in patchwork, then there are two "e"'s. So far I have come up with 52 and still trying.

Marcia W. said...

Hi! I follow Adventures in Oz and also play the games. The list of words was e-mailed to you. Thanks for the fun. I'm interested in Seminole Patchwork and have read this book several times.