Monday, April 4, 2011

Five FATS...giveaway...Mystery..

O...this Monday's Mystery is E-Zeee
Just read thu and you will seee.

I LUV Buttons!! How about YOU? WAS a mystery how buttons all came about....
until... I started do just a wee bit of research.

Did you know...buttons (well the shape of)
date back 3,000 years or more? But...there were no holes in garments to indicate
 that these "buttons" were more than just decoration.

About 1250 in Paris...laws pertain to French craft guilds were established. 
A Button Maker's Guild was established about this same time.  Historians believe this to be
 a sign that buttons were becoming a lot more popular. Using buttons along with button holes or
 loops, clothing could fit the body more closely.  Yeah...practical and decorative!

Late 1600-1700s... buttons started to be made larger, more ornate and using more
expensive materials ...precious metals, precious stones.Buttons became a show of
 wealth and status..

By the 1800s...buttons...still came in many varieties...
but were becoming massed produced...not nearly
as expensive as the hand made one of previous centuries.

 Button boxes were
an important part of every home.. be they
of precious metals or wood.  In these boxes, you might
find odd buttons kept for repairs...or maybe, a few sets
of buttons taken off of a garment no longer in use.  These sets
were just waiting to adorn a new garment!

 In the 1900s, picture and novelty buttons could be printed...instead of hand-painted.
A lot less expensive and possibly more detailed...Many of the landscape scenes,
detailed animals, flowers were printed on pin backed buttons.
So many fun molded shapes! Bows, cute animals, fruits...

and...flower shapes!
Plastic really brought the price of buttons down...
You could sew on a budget and still afford fun buttons.
Unique AND inexpensive!!

More Button History can be found on these
websites...HERE and HERE

Ms BEA says..."THAT's all fine and dandy!...You've just bored me...
to death!!  NOW...Where IS MYSTERY MONDAY??"

YOU might all be saying the same thing...

So.. since last Monday was so hard... you know
brain wrenching and all...

Today all you have to do is...leave a comment.. and,
be a follower and your name will be in
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Mommarock said...

I do so love buttons! I just don't have a lovely collection of them :(
I would love to have a chance to win the fat quarters.

Terri said...

I love buttons. I am one of those people who can go to Joann's and spend more on buttons than fabric. Thanks for "teaching" us, I LOVE your history lessons. And pics

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't agree with Ms Bea... I liked the history on buttons! Course, I love buttons, and have a stash of them! :)
I'm already a follower; hope I can win! I'm headed over to see Char's blog now!
Jacque in SC

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Interesting info on buttons! I am a regular follower and would love the chance to be entered in your Monday giveaway!

Carolyn said...

Oh, I'm such a button freak and didn't even know the history. Thank you for that! I didn't think it was boring at all. In fact, will have to check out the other links you gave us. Thank you for a wonderful contest! I'm also a new follower. :)

Char said...

Thank you Annie! I'm so happy about the win.

I used to manager a womens accessory store and we sold lots of button jewelry. Bracelets, headbands, pins. Thank you for the history.

baukje said...

Interesting post, I love buttons, I have them in all colors, forms etc..... Thanks

rubyslipperz1052 said...

I just want you all to VERY much I appreciate all of your comments....My email server is down...right now. I promise to email you all as soon as I can...=)

Karen said...

Thanks for the information on buttons. I love buttons. It was always so much fun to go through my mother's button box and she always seem to know where the buttons came from.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Congratulations Char! Oh, buttons, I have such a weakness for buttons. I have my greatgrans (and aunties) button tins, grands tins, and what has been acquired at flea markets. It has to be a special project for me to add these. I also have a lot of wooden, special painted, novelty, oh bunches and bunches - use them lots. - a follower.

RitaMarie said...

Hi Annie,
I'm a follower and I love learning about the history of things. You just ignore that Bea and keep it up:) I have my great grandma's button box:) And I collect buttons of all shapes and sizes. The buttons today are so fun.

suemac said...

I have seen so many quilt patterns lately that use a few buttons. I always enjoy coming to your site. You always put me in a happy mood.

Catherine said...

I am a follower. I love buttons. I have wonderful memories of playing in my grandmothers button box. I have two button boxes of my own and fond memories of many of the buttons. Thank you for the opportunity to try to win.

Patty said...

Oh I LOVE buttons. I just got a box of sewing stuff on freecycle and it had a LOT of old buttons(some with the old TG&Y price tag still on the unused card. I am a follower and love surprises. Thanks

Bev said...

Oh....I have three button boxes (so far) and one of my grandgirls has gotten the button bug. Even tho she's a teen, she still likes to get them all out to see if there are any new ones.

Marcia W. said...

Thanks for the history on buttons. We still keep old buttons "just in case" we need one. Just as when I was a kid, I still like to dump them out and look at them occasionally. Please enter me into this week's drawing. Oh! I follow you too.