Wednesday, April 6, 2011

If you could walk in their shoes....


Just pretend...for today... you get to "live" for a day IN
...a wonderful woman's shoes...
WHO would YOU chose?
Maybe she is famous...or someone who stands out in a crowd?

What about...

A queen of Egypt  or maybe a princess or queen of another country?

Pocahontas a Virginia Indian
that helped early settlers in the early years of America

Jacqueline Cochran
pioneer American aviator

An actress? ...there are so many to choose from in the movie industry!
but, possibly a women Lucille Ball ?

Would it be fun to be a talk show  Oprah Winfrey?

How interesting and fun would it be to design clothes for the rich and famous like
 Vera Wang  does?

How about Maria Sharapova a tennis player?  or...
maybe there is another well known woman athlete?...and you would like to
...wear her sports shoes for a day?

Would you want to be an artist for a day.. like Mary Englebriet?

How about a famous singer like Sarah Brightman? or is there...
another lady singer...that you think it would be fun to be her for a day?

It could be very exciting to be in  Lt Col Eileen Collins shoes...
 the first woman to command a space shuttle mission!

Would you want to write a book or at least find out what a famous author's
life could be?  Maybe someone who writes children's books like Judy Blume?
or another author?

 When I chose the topic for today, I thought about so many famous or
well know women.  I thought how can I choose just one person...
 to be "in their shoes" for a day?  And, then, I thought if I were truly
given the opportunity...I'd want to be someone that...on a daily basis
made people laugh...
Then, I thought about many of the wonderful women who make
people Ellen Degeneres, Tina Fey, Betty White, Carol Burnett and I'm
sure there are more funny ladies that I'm just not remembering right now. narrow it down.. to JUST one...I would choose the shoes...for just one day...
of Ellen Degeneres. 
Because, she makes people laugh and gets to interview lots of fun people too.

What Wonderful Women's shoes would YOU choose...
walk in for a day??


suemac said...

I think I would like to be Bonnie Hunter from Quiltsville. She is so creative and uses every little scrap of fabric she comes across to make her beautiful quilts.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I have thought on this today, I think I would love to be Judy Garland for a day - the young Judy during the wonderful B/W movie days with Mickey Roonie - what a voice and vitality.

Millie said...

How much fun will it be to meet Very Wang, designer of all these beautiful clothes, shoes and bags or Sarah Brightman with her beautiful singing voice.

Helen said...

Betty White is my favorite . So pretty, funny, and smart still. I identify with her Golden Girls' character Rose Nylund, being from Minnesota and getting teased mercilessly. She held her own, you betcha.

Char said...

When I was younger I wanted to be Edith Head. Now I think I'd like to be Marian Anderson.

Mama Spark said...

I would choose Laura Bush. She seems like such a nice lady and it would be fun to spend a day with George!