Friday, April 8, 2011

Thank Goodness It's Finished...


Once your quilt is you do with it? 
Do you give it away...for charity or  give to ...
someone special?

Maybe you fold them up nicely and put them in a
safe place...

On a guest bed?  This is a really nice place to have
a finished quilt...don't you think?  It will make your
guests feel...O, So loved!

Maybe you have a quilt on one (or 2 or 3..) your children's beds.
This one is also on a guest is used mostly by
smaller guests.  =D

Another great place for finished quilt could be... warm the back of a leather couch.  or a quilt rack..
I've seen some really beautiful handmade quilt racks when visiting
quilt shows.  I don't own one of these.  But, it would be something
wonderful to have to display several quilts at a time in plain view for your
visitors to admire... or to choose one to use while watching TV or reading a book.

I would love to hear from YOU. 
What do you do with your finished quilts*?

* O...I would LUV-LUV for you to submit your finished quilts to the FYPChallenge for April...
for every Finish you will get a ticket (please one finish per photo) to go into the drawing at the end
of the month for some great prizes!!! 


baukje said...

I am still a beginner so they are for ME!!!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Most of my quilts go to charity. My family all have quilts too - bed, wall and decor pieces. Mine are on quest beds, back of couch (great nap quilt), antique quilt rack, and even the QUEEN (kitty) has a quilt. OH and I make quilts to sell in our family shop or on commission (those you don't get to see).

suemac said...

All my quilts so far are going to family members except for one that will go to Japan.

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Some of my quilts go to charity and some as gifts. The ones I keep either get used right away or are folded and put away in my quilt display/chest.

Sandra said...

It seems I rarely keep my quilts. Most of the quilts I make go to family members. Once I get through the list, there will probably be more babies to sew for! lol

Sherri said...

I do all of the above...some go into a cupboard, some on the wall, some on the couch...and some to family , friends, and charity! Love your quilt cupboard, by the way!

dluvscoke said...

Gotta say...that first pic makes me want to grab a quilt, head down the hall and curl up on the bed for the night ;) Miss you!