Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday? Wishful thinking...

What IF...

...A magic lamp was set in front of you?  There was a note just next to the lamp...
with these words:

"Rub the lamp and a Genie will appear to give you THREE WISHES"

What THREE WONDERFUL WISHES would you make?

To make this a bit easier...the three wishes can only be for

PS:  don't forget...

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Mommarock said...

1. Prices would come down!
2. Fabric, fabric and more fabric.. (does that count as one?)
3. A nice vacation with my family.

Emma said...

1. To not have to work. (darn you, naive young self who signed a contract!)
2. More hours in a day
3. More fabric and a nice new dual-voltage Pfaff with needle-down and speed regulator

Miss Hillbilly said...

1) My husbands kids back. I know it is supposed to be for me but his happiness is my happiness. (They were parent knapped 5 years ago and taken to another state that refused to return them)

2) An entire weekend with just me and my sewing machine

3) A cocker Spaniel. Or a St. Bernard. Or a Golden Retriever. Oh, any dog will do!

Char said...

1.A larger more functional quilting space.
2.Daughter's tuition paid so I can buy fabric when I want.
3.To finish up all the UFO's so I can make all the quilts floating around in my head.

Anonymous said...

1. To have my middle son return to the family
2. To be able to retire
3. A never-ending supply of fat quarters in my cabinet
Jacque in SC

suemac said...

1. To be able to retire so I have more time for quilting.
2. A nice Bernina with the great walking foot.
3. And to go along with number one. More hours in the day to quilt.

Beeshebags said...

1. The ability to free motion quilt like a Pro!
2. A never ending supply of fabric
3. A new sewing machine that does 'everything' I want or may want down the road!

Interesting and fun question to put to us sewists!