Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mothers and Daughters...Day 4 of Honor Moms...giveaway

I know...doesn't RUBY look really silly!!! Yeah, Ms Bea said
she looked REALLY ridiculous!...But, Ruby just wanted to celebrate...Cinco de Mayo.
Happy Cinco de Mayo EVERYONE!!

now...back to our regularly scheduled program...

Mothers and Daughters...there have been some famous ones.
Can YOU think of some?'s not Mystery Monday... so, I won't make you work
too hard...

Judy Garland and daughter Liza Minelli

Ingrid Bergman and daughter Isabella Roselinni

Carrie Fisher and her mom Debbie Reynolds

Lucille Ball and daughter Lucy Arnez

Kate Hudson and mom Goldie Hawn

Then, there are some Mom-Daughter teams that are just a teensy bit less

I think that you will recognize these next two ladies.

Mariann Fons (of Fons and Porter) and her daughter...Mary Fons
Mariann Fons is the "Fons" part of Fons and Porter.  Now, that Liz Porter has
retired...Mariann's daughter, Mary, works in the business too...

While doing a wee bit research on the Internet for Mother/Daughter teams...I came across
an article on Quilting Daily called "Mothers and Daughters Together in one Studio"
 (click HERE for the full article).  In this article ...Pokey Bolten (pictured here with her mom)
writes about how enjoyable it was for her to have her mom in the studio to "play" with crafting.
pokey bolton
In the article there are several Mother /Daughter teams.  They write that "respect and...
 healthy boundaries" are very important. 

Below are a few more links to mother/daughter teams who seem to work very well together. 
They have craft or sewing type businesses...
                                                 Crazy Shortcut Quilts mother/daughter team

Pickledish....mother-daughter team

Crafty Momma  mother/daughter team

All About Quilting  mother/daughter longarmers


(left to right)...
1)  Fons and Porter newest Quilting magazine            
   2)  A Cori Blunt / Chitter Chatter Designs...Pin Cushion
   3)  Meags & Me Designs "Oh, Ducky" quilt pattern        

You might be asking... WHY? did she choose these particular items to give away?
Maybe you have a guess? You can still win...even if you don't want to guess. =)

all you have to do is leave a comment...

Have you ever worked on a project with your mom and/or your daughter?
How did it turn out?  Was it difficult, so, fun? Do you have any
words of advice about mother/daughter activities?

Drawing will be Friday night May 6th..

Today! Oh, yep, I'm excited...dancing a jig!..
today.. I'm going to the HMQS (it's a quilt show) here in Sandy, Utah!
I'm very excited (did I say I was excited?)... to go with and to meet up with lots of
quilting/sewing friends!... And, one of my daughters is going too!
I will be looking for something(s) really fun to...
for my next couple of blog posts!  So make sure to check back!
And... I haven't forgotten my "sweet" promise to
GIVE away some...yummy, melt-in-your-mouth
Yep!...sometime before the end of the week!

*must be a follower to win =)   


Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Both of my daughters live out of town and neither of them ever had any interest in sewing to no mutual projects from this household.

Bev said...

It was nice meeting you yesterday! You know, names along with faces. One of my daughters is coming for a visit and wants to learn some quilting and sewing stuff! Yea! See ya at HMQS. Oh, I have no idea why you are giving this grouping away.

Anonymous said...

I work with my daughter every day! We work in the family business, and I'm so grateful to have her insights and talents that she shares!
Jacque in SC

suemac said...

I am guessing all these items have to do with a mother-daughter team. My daughter lives six hours away. I wish she was closer so that we could do stuff together.

Catskill Quilter said...

I used to love to have my daughters in the workroom! Now they are grown. Oddly, my quilting daughter has become a photographer -- and she is great at it!

Marcia W. said...

Nice mother/daughter team prizes. My mother and I live together so all of our quilting projects involve some collaboration between us - sometimes I help her cut and press - and she will help me with my color selection. She is a great teacher. Thanks for the giveaway.

quiltzyx said...

My mom never had the urge to quilt, but she did sew all my clothes when I was a little 'un.
I would say the only "projects" we did together was when I attempted to sew something from a Simplicity pattern (not clothes!) & would get so frustrated that she would have to help me through it, step by step!

yorkie mom said...

My daughter is just now asking "creative" advice. Looking forward to creating interesting craft items with her! (Allison)

Patty said...

The last "BIG" thing my Mom and I did together was to make my wedding gown, 36 years ago. It was finished just in time for my June wedding. My guess is that they all are mother-daughter creations.

busyascanbe said...

Great post....I had so much fun meeting you and the girls today! See you soon!

Sandra said...

Currently my Mom and I are working together to complete several quilts. My Grandmother was a quilter and sadly passed away leaving the quilts unfinished. Grandma made the blocks, Mom is piecing the quilts together, and I will do the machine quilting. How is that for teamwork?

Miss Hillbilly said...

My daughter and I do work together. She does my drawings for my stitcheries. It can't draw at all. But as for getting a whole quilt accomplished together? NEVER! We are complete opposites and it doesn't work.

Gill said...

When my mum was alive she loved to watch me but never joined in!
My daughter loved crafting when she was small but now she's at uni she doesn't do any

Deborah in Atlanta said...

My mom doesn't even know how to sew on a button (ha!). Neither of my daughters are interested in sewing, so it's just me. But that's okay - that means I have a stash nobody can sneak items from. More for me!!

Char said...

I think you chose them because they are created by mother daughter teams.
My daughter has never really been interested in sewing but see is a budding artist so there's still hope.

Yumm yumz by patticakes said...

Annie - I'm sorry I forgot to take your number with me to meet up with you at HMQS yesterday. I'm sure we were like "ships passing in the night" with no idea who each other was - LOL. But I'm pretty sure I heard your laughter in the crowd!

Christine M said...

My mother doesn't sew at all but she is very encouraging in my endeavours!

Anonymous said...

I wish my mom lived close enough so we could do things together!