Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wonderful Mother's Dayssss...

I've had more than one Mother's Day this year...
You might remember when all our children came together for one of

There were so many cameras clicking that no one knew
where to look...of course, none of the cameras were
being used by "professionals"... =P

Then...after graduation, we all went to lunch...
I didn't get any good pictures at lunch time.

The next morning (Saturday) we all got together for DIM SUM...
Chinese Tea Cakes...for brunch. day... is Easter Sunday.  Our son and oldest daughter
flew home to be with their own families.  Three of our daughters and their
"Significant Others" were able to celebrate Easter with us.
Mason and Milo our two grandsons colored eggs.

Emily and Brad played a game of Othello.

I hid plastic eggs in 2 bedrooms with some coins and candy for
the grandsons...
And, I hid plastic eggs in another large area of the house for the
grown "kids".  I put money (larger amounts) and candy in the eggs.
There were 2 eggs that I only put a penny.  If they found those...
each penny was worth $25. 

So I had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day!!...
it was just a few weeks early!

Today on the actual Date of Mother's Day...
My husband took me this morning to
Chinese Dim Sum and we went for a bit of a drive.
I came home and got in my PJs...(about 1pm).  It has been a VERY
relaxing day!

How lucky is that?!  I was able to celebrate Mother's day

ps...I will be announcing all of the Mother's Day Week winners as soon as all of them have contacted me.
       Thanks for your patience =)


Yumm yumz by patticakes said...

What a beautiful family! I'm glad you had a great MANY days with them!

Miss Hillbilly said...

PJ's by one! Sounds perfect!

Terri said...

the picture of your family is beautiful

Anonymous said...

What wonderful family time!
Jacque in SC