Friday, June 17, 2011

30 quilt stores all having parties!

Yep...thaz right here in Utah...from Salem to
There are actually TWO shop hops running
side by side


Each store has games, sales, most have some kind
of refreshments and many have great demos and/or

And a couple thousand dollars in giveaways!

I've only allowed myself a couple of store visits!
I've gotten into trouble with just few stops!

Today I will be "working"
Will Work For Fabric Tote Bag

 at one of my

Thimbles and Threads 
click here for link to the store
 Draper, Utah
maybe?...wink, wink, call out for rubyslipperz...
I'd luv to meet bloggy friends!


Mary Ann said...

Sounds like sew much fun!! I live too far away, unfortunately!

Yumm yumz by patticakes said...

Annie! Dagnabit - I was at Thimbles and Threads yesterday - seems like we continue to be "ships that pass in the night!"

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh - sounds like so much fun - make sure we get to take part thru your blog!!!

suemac said...

I am nowhere near Utah. Now if you were in Texas....

Lisa said...

Sounds Wonderful!!!! May mean a road trip one year with my girlfriends and fellow quilters!!!

Moia said...

Hey there, thank you for the nice comment on my blog. Looks like you have a wonderful time, too far to go for me, I am afraid. Enjoy. Hugs from Moia