Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Buttonhead...who is she? (edited)

OMGosh...I am kind of a crazeee!
I had this post in draft (from eeee-yahns ago)...
and, I must have "bumped" a "button" and 
swooosh...it posted.  I need to add a few things, tho

First, this is a poem from a book called
Sonnets in My Bonnets by Loralie Designs 
I just LUV her stuff! I have most of her fabrics!
Of course, I can't find the book right this minute 
to show you a picture of the actual book but if you
click HERE it will take you to a site that is selling
the book...it is "out of print" at this time.  =(      

This is one of my favorite poems from the book....

 Cute as a button, everyone said
       As she lay there so sweetly
     In her pink baby bed.  
Then as she grew                     
Years put on a few             
Playing with Buttons               
Her favorite thing to do.
    At grandmas she'd string them
Like beads just for fun       
Red yellow blue                      
Bright pink one by one.
Then when she was four         
  Buttons still more               
Buttonhead loved them          
For her decor    
         Buttons on lampshades             
     And on her drawers         
      Button framed mirrors  
     In her closet on hangers          
           And on hooks just for looks
  Stored them in jars                  
     And in files and in books

               Over the years her button love grew      
     And her collection                    
 To lots...from just a few
                  Long story...short                                   
      I need to report  
                Now, when you see her...out on the town 
                         Her handbag, her jewelry...                                
And, even her gown    
       Will be covered with buttons       
           From her head to her toes       
                                       Buttonhead wears them wherever she goes           

a picture from the book of...
Miss Buttonhead

Do you collect buttons?  Do you sort them?
If so, how do you sort them?  or do you just store them?
Tommorrow I will show you some of my
and...you'll be GRATE-FULL to know that
...it WON'T be the one in the middle of meeee
ol' tummy!


Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

What a cute little story - thanks!! :)

RitaMarie said...

I too collect buttons. I absolutely love to find fun shapes,different sizes and all kinds of colors. Some are just in glass jars, they look so neat in there on the shelf in my sewing room. I also have a plastic case with dividers and sort some of the better buttons in there - makes them easier to find when I want a special one for a project.

Sarah Craig said...

I have lots of buttons - some on cards, and some loose. The loose buttons are stored by color in glass spice jars in a pretty rack. I love looking at vintage buttons, too - such wonderful designs!!

Mommarock said...

I used to have a wonderful tin full of old buttons that my mom had saved.. unfortunately it didn't make the move to our new house with us. Many of my crafty things had to be sacrificed due to weight constraints.. BOOOO.. deep sadness. I've started to save a few, but none are as nice as those that my mom had in that tin. perhaps that is nostalgia talking.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Can't wait to see your buttons. Like the others, I have a button collections too. Cute little story and reminded me of the game 'button, button, who's got the button' - played at my gran's with one of her precious buttons from her favorite tin.

Siobhan said...

Hi, I have lots of buttons. They were my grandmothers and I keep most of them in a big tin but I also have some in jars...big, small, square and round ones...lots of different buttons.
What a cool picture, she would make a great mini quilt...now theres an idea, you could get all your bloggers to make a mini quilt based on that trendy lady!!!

suemac said...

I haven't started a button collection yet but I would like to. I have seen some many cute buttons on Etsy.

dluvscoke said...

Very cute poem!

I am always afraid I will hit the wrong key and post something before I'm ready and it's edited. You pulled it off well. ;)

Miss Hillbilly said...

I used to have a bunch; then kind of got away from using them for awhile but now am kind of getting into them again.