Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ketchup and Snorkeling...

This is a "ketchup" post...meaning it might be boring and/or
you might need a pillow, drink and a place to put your feet up...

All packed and out the door on Saturday July 2nd 8:30 am
1 cat, 1 dog, 1 ice chest filled with fruits, lunch meats and drinks.
2 large bags full of quilty projects...books. 
me...and 1 hungry hubby (who will stop to get a McMuffin)

This is a crochet project I brought to do while
riding in the car to St George.  It's an easy
potholder or hotpad.
You crochet a chain and then single crochet
round and increase on the ends..
it makes an "envelope" that folds into a
doubled/finished square.

If you would like instructions/measurement,
supplies needed...please, email me at

As soon as we arrived, we emptied the car...animals,
bags, and ice chest.  Then, promptly went to hit
the town to shop.  Me  - to quilt shops and DH to
sporting goods and pawn shops.
First stop was Lazy Dazy Cottage...then, Quilted Works,
Hurst/Ben Franklin Fabrics, and...Scrap Apple. 
There were some good sales (not super-duper..but, good).

Below are few of the treats I bought....

 I visited Let's Quilt home of the Innova Longarm..
...and bought threads.
All their threads are 20% thru July. And Let's Quilt's
thread prices are already super low! 
The thread "Glide" is a fairly new thread
so I decided to try it on my longarm.  And the silk....
well, I might try to do some hand piecing...and, maybe some
applique with it.

Below is the small club house where
the treadmill "waited" for me each morning so
that I could continue the 3 miles per day.  I listened
to Crewel Yule (book on iPod).

This is our family room, slash...sewing room in St George.  On the
other side of the counter is the kitchen and nook.
DH reads or watches TV while I sew.  I's a really small
TV...and, DH would've already replaced it.  But, for now...we don't
go to St George enough to get a new/bigger one.

This is a kit I purchased  back in May.  It's just 8.5" squares
of pink/green/grey.  I cut all the squares.  But, for some reason
I didn't feel like turning on my sewing machine while I was in St George...
Why? I dunno...didn't figure that one out.
But, when I got home...I did start putting it'll see in
upcoming pics

There are really nice trails for walking in the
subdivision where we stay.  And, there is a really nice
golf course...but, neither DH or I play golf.  We do
however really enjoy it's view. Around the trails
we often see bunnies, squirrels, and lizards.  Penny (our bullmastiff)
says this is theeee BEST part of going to St George!

Do you remember the days when you played in the
sprinklers in your yard?  These grand sprinklers do their
spectacular water dance every evening...starting just before the
 sun goes down.  As we walk past, I'm thinking...I wish there was a way that
 I could  "run through" these sprinklers...without being seen.  I promise to
let you know if I figure that one out. lol

A favorite frog waves good-bye as we get ready to leave to go
back home to Lehi.  Frog must be good until we come back!

We packed up...just as we did when we left our home
in Lehi to come here...except, it seems...oddly enough...
there is MORE stuff to pack going back home. 
 no...really? lol

Back home...Wednesday evening July 6th.   Next morning,
I picked up the 2 grandboys...they are going to stay with us
 for about 5 days.  After picking up the boys, we went to a couple of
fabric stores looking for more fabric for the pink/grey 8.5 squares I cut in
St George (photo above)...then, it's back to home.  Stacie (DD#4)
would be coming over to have lunch and work on her quilt.
 I would also be laying out the pink/grey squares and sewing too.
We all eat some lunch and head upstairs to the sewing loft.
Stacie and I to sew...and g-boys to play Wii.

Here is half of the pink/grey quilt.  Stacie helped me
with the layout...We used the Ruby Beholder to help
with the values/placement. is Stacie's top without borders.
We are still waiting to buy border, back and binding fabrics.

Thursday night I went grocery shopping...for 2 hours...
ok...I piddle around when I's a Market Place.  Besides
the usually groceries, there is clothing, and LOTS of other stuff!

Friday...was lots of paperwork and some (just a teensy)
yard work mixed with a bit of laundry..
Friday evening after dinner... 9 year old grandson went
 with me to 2 LQS while the 6 year old stayed home with
Grandpa.  I was looking for fabrics for Stacie's red/grey quilt
and borders/back for my pink/grey quilt.

Saturday...we had family from out of town come for dinner
I needed to get groceries for dinner and clean house.
Grandboys stayed home with Grandpa.

Are YOU tired yet?  I mean are you tired of reading?
I'm sorry if i just RAMbleeeed on...but, I didn't want yuz to think
that I was just neglecting my Blog-Life, 'cause Blog-Buddies are the BEST!
  It's not that I wanted to be "away"
I just felt overwhelmed lately... like there is so much to do and, I'm swimming in deep water...

with a VERY long snorkel tube!
...and nope...I don't look like this...
I only WISH I looked this good in my suit! lol

So, do you ever feel like life has put you in deep water? are snorkeling?

I haven't forgotten the "B___G___"  surprise that I promised to write
about when I got home...It's just that the surprise needs more
time to get it's "ACT" together.  =)

Mystery Monday will be on tommorrow as usual...
It just might be a teensy late. 


Char said...

Wow sounds like you had a great time and looks like you got lots of goodies. Lucky you!

RobynLouise said...

Lol, you just had to buy more to take home! Great views and I suggest a green one piece bathing suit and a bit of a tan for running through the sprinklers on the sly :)!
Lots of quilting going on and with grandies visiting it's no wonder you're feeling 'swamped'. Just remember to surface for air occasionally and you'll be fine.

Fiona said...

Looks like you had a great time and lots happening... glad you managed to find a little bit of prettiness to buy!! and yes... I frequently feel swamped and overwhelmed...... the blessings of busyness.....

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

How many quilt shops at st George? I am so jealous! I love Stacey's quilt, great colours. Sorry that you are feeling pulled in all directions, hope it calms down soon

Sandra said...

It appears you lead a very busy life! I really had a good laugh about the "Ruby Beholder". I clicked on it assuming it was an item connected to your blog. Looks like it could be a very useful tool:)

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time in St. George :)
I love the colors in your quilt top! Staci's quilt stunning with the black and gray.
Glad you're back!!

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Stacie's quilt looks amazing! Maybe if you let Penny lose in the sprinklers you could chase after her? Then you would have a legitimate reason for running through the sprinklers lol.

Kate said...

Wow, whirlwind fun. Fabric buying and sewing, not much that beats that for fun!

suemac said...

You had way more fun on your vacation. I was demolishing things and cleaning out a garage and basement and cleaning. You got to go to quilt shops. Lucky you.

Miss Hillbilly said...

Good grief you have been busy!!!! Oh, you have to figure a way to run thru those sprinklers next time. I so would just do it!!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

NO ONE, including me, will see me in my swimsuit ; ) You have to run thru the sprinklers. Pretend the dog got loose and you had to catch it.

The Sunflower Patch said...

I agree with Cheryl,running through the sprinklers is a Must! I am sure Penny won't mind if you blame her :)
Also wanted to say "thank you" for my winning the crazyquiltgirl gift card for F.Y.P.C. I purchased 4 wonderful patterns with it!!!