Saturday, July 30, 2011

on the road again...

1 grandma
   + 2 grandboys....
    could = 3 on a BIG adventure 
 a fairly good visual
(...except trade a red-headed old lady behind the wheel) 

Am I crazy?  Do I need my head examined?
(Maybe there is a reason why Grandpa couldn't get off
of work to drive along with us?)
Well, at first sounded like such a FUN idea...
an easy "adventure".  But, the hours count down to sleep,
and I know I will be on the road tommorrow, about 7am...
 headed for...Gig Harbor, Washington...well,, I'm feeling just a weee bit nervous.

The grandboys (6 and 9) are pretty well-behaved.
I've raised 5 children...tended grandkids alot.  So, no worries, right?
Ok...I'll put on my "optimist" hat.

The trip is about 900 miles.  I'm planning to do it  in two days,
stopping in Pendleton, the first night.  I have reservations at a hotel
that has a pool.  I hope that the boys will enjoy swimming a bit after
sitting in the car for most of the day. 
They will each have their own DVD player with movies,
DS with games, and earphones. 
There will be an ice chest with food and drink, plus a
large bag of snacks.
I have several books that I can listen to thru the
speakers in the car.
I should be set!, why do I feel stressed?

I've not driven this way before. 
 I know, I really shouldn't worry.
I have maps, gps, iPhone w/internet. And, I'm not
driving to a 3rd World Country.

Hopefully, I don't see this in my rear view mirror.

I don't want to have this happen...

I...seriously...could worry the bumps off of a WART!

Why? Gig Harbor, ask...well,
our son and his family live on Raft Island which is in
Gig Harbor.  They have a home that is in walking distance
to the water, and a boat.  They have 3 little girls, two of which
are similar ages to the grandboys.  You've probably figured it
out that they are cousins =)

I'll keep my fingers crossed and say my prayers...
and we will have LOTS of fun!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

You will have a safe trip, you will enjoy your time with family, you will return home safely, and you will share with all of us.

Christine M said...

Have a safe (and fun) trip. I'm sure you will! Hugs, Christine

Gill said...

Have a great time!
Your post did make me laugh!!

Monica said...

I love Pendelton! Their underground tour is awesome...not to be mention the Pendelton Woolen Mill!

Char said...

I'm sure you and the grandsons will have a wonderful and safe trip. Enjoy!

busyascanbe said...

What a great grandmother houses. I ma so sure they will have a blast! I hope you have so much fun and remember no trip would be complete without a stop at a quilt shop.

suemac said...

Think positive. A good time will be had by all. I would be stressing also. I do not like to drive that much in a day. I am sure it will turn out fine.

MB in MI said...

This is the way we all used to go on vacation! Good for you!! This will make great memories for the kids & you. Way to go!! :)

Quilt n Queen said...

You are too funny Annie and a brave grandma!!! I know the grandboys will have a blast on the road and with their cousins in Washington....great memories in the making with grandma....have a wonderful safe trip!!!!!

Sarah Craig said...

Relax and enjoy your trip! You'll have a wonderful time!!

Sis-O said...

Have fun, no worries, just just sunshine and family...

RitaMarie said...

Just think of all the wonderful memories you are making for your grandkids and the cousins:) Have a safe, fun adventure. Be sure to drop us a postcard:)

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Have a wonderful and uneventful trip!! I'm sure all will go well and you will have a marvelous time :)

Chris H said...

I hope you have a fantastic trip... and there are no hiccups!
And I hope you are going for a decent amount of that is ONE LONG TRIP!!!

Miss Hillbilly said...

900 miles???!!! Good luck!! Keep in touch via text and let me know you are surviving! I will miss you! Hugs!

Deborah in Atlanta said...

I envy you the time you have with the grandchildren. I'll be glad when I can retire and live closer to mine. I'm going to smother them with grandmotherly love until they laugh and laugh and laugh. I just can't wait! God be with you.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Have fun on your adventure. Can you tell that I am behind, too!?! It's 1200 miles to our parents home. I drive it a couple of times a year, sometimes all by myself. You'll make it.