Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Me and my "treddy"

 When I say "me and my treddy" might be saying,
"she accidentally put an 'r' in teddy"
maybe a picture something like this...
popped into your head?

This IS a cute bear....but,

... I'm "talking" something different. 
This is meeee Treddy!

I try to get on at least 6 days a week.
You...DID notice? ...I said TRY.
I don't always make it on.  For a loooog while, I wasn't getting
on at all! can think

SLUG...cause that's what
I was feeling like.

 I started something a few months ago.
It has really helped to motivate me...even when I feel like
 good ol' Treddy is NOT my best friend...

The new motivational "thing" is a...
Widget  (It's located on the margin below OPAM button).
It's the Daily Mile Widget from the website DAILY MILE.
It's a GREAT motivator for me...
Having to log my progress (miles per day/week)
...and then...having it show in blogland,  if I am or NOT..
making progress...well. that gets meeee  TUSH on Treddy.
No, I don't ride on the treads sitting on meee tush...
but, you know what I mean, right?

Enters ...Mr Wizard
(aka DH) to SPIFFY UP the good ol'

Imma terribly social creature. I needed
a SOMEthing added to Treddy to give it
a little more motivational appeal.
Another motivational tool...OH YEAH...the lap top!
But, the lap top didn't want to sit with out a seat belt.  We discussed several
ideas for mounting it (UN-permanently) on the treadmill...
 A simple idea was last to come to mind...
a bungie cord...and

a heavy coat hanger
Mr Wizard did have to drill a screw into the back of the treadmill
 to hold the wire for the hooks to hang on to.

The base needed to be slanted up for several reasons...
 to receive wireless internet connection, that the screen would be at the
right angle to see clearly, and still tilt enough
to keep the bungie from sliding.  I found that the
prop-up item needed to be soft like a roll
of bubble wrap...tied.

I keep a note pad, the TV remote and my phone in the holder.
I record my distance, time, and a bit of other info...
on the note pad.  Keeping track on paper lets me see a bit
more of my progress to compare past with present.  My
notepad dates back several years, even tho there are large
spans of time that I wasn't "sharing time with Treddy".

To keep more bases covered...
just in case, the Internet surfing comes to a slow...
Mr Wizard
mounted a TV on the wall that tilts towards the treadmill
 for better viewing.
...Local news, Good Morning America, and sometimes
quilt or craft shows play while I type on the keyboard.

Now..there should be NO EXCUSES! ...none

Except maybe that meeee Treddy isn't quite
as soft and cuddly as this BIG


Bear hugs can really do a "body" good!


Sharon said...

Now THAT is multi-tasking!!! LOL!

Jean(ie) said...

Will tread for interwebs...LOL! Love it!

Sara Lyn said...

Reporting to someone sure is motivational to me, too. And what a creative set up! :)

Sandra said...

Love the seat belt concept. It's worth the time invested in exercise to feel good:)

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Looks like all the conveniences of home :) You GO girl!!!

suemac said...

Your hubby is leaving you chance to make excuses.

Michelle said...

Thats a great idea! It reminds me of that commercial with a girl on a exercise bike multi tasking! lol
I hope it helps with motivating you.

Miss Hillbilly said...

LOL--very smart thinking. I don't have a treddy but maybe I should run in place at my desk?