Wednesday, October 26, 2011


It will be easier for me (and hopefully for you too)
 to keep track of "a week's" progress in healthy
behaviors if...
the week can be tracked from Monday to
So, I'm going to be posting about
healthy motivations on
...probably late in the afternoon/evening.

See you this coming Saturday with
Ruby's Report...and some
motivational ideas for better health.

Sorry if I've caused anyone frustration.  =(

But, so your time won't be totally wasted...

Here are a few tips to help with
Halloween treat temptations...

1)  Buy candy that you DON'T like
2)  Buy late...get the candy the day of Halloween so it won't be sitting around calling your name.
3) Give things spider rings or rubbery worms
4) Or, give things out small boxes of raisins or other healthy foods
5) Have a family member hide the candy from you until time for trick or treaters
6) Plan a filling dinner so that you won't be hungry when passing out candy

I'm gonna try to hide from candy this year.  What about you?  What do you do for food on Halloween?


Mommarock said...

I was just thinking.. I probably should NOT have bought those hersheys bars... the poor trick or treaters will not be getting those as I ate them :( after having given up candy all together for so long and having done so well... I CHEATED.. yep I will admit it.. Time to get back to work.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

We usually eat frozen pizza for supper on Halloween, since we are handing out candy. I DO buy candy that I like, but, I save the leftover candy for stocking stuffers at Christmas. Then my college age son gets most of it to take to his dorm to share. I've found that if I 'hide' the extra candy in the bottom drawer of the fridge, I tend to forget about it.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

No treaters or trickers here - too far off the track - and a bit spooky/scarey! Plus our town will be on very early curfew - not many living in town right now. For me it is a fun movie and as cold it will be (we are to have snow) soup and sandwich.

yorkie mom said...

We give out hot chocolate packets! The kids love them and so do the parents!

Nani said...

The hot chocolate packets sounds like a great idea!

Since we don't have kids, but I love kids, we go the extra mile for Halloween. We don't have to buy school clothes, movie tickets for shows we probably wouldn't see by choice (I did see the Barney movie and Pokemon when my nieces were little) or any or the expenses parents do, so we can afford to go a little extra for Halloween. I'm doing 150 treat bags this year, based on last year's numbers, with about 6 pieces each. We do buy our favorites, but nothing is opened until I make up the bags and nothing is considered "left over" until after 8PM, on Halloween, the official end in our city. We don't usually have a ton of leftovers and my husband takes a lot of them to work.

I usually do some soup for dinner and have a bowl of grapes by where I sit for the 2 hours of begging. I allow myself TWO mini candy bars.

Miss Hillbilly said...

I can always sniff out candy. That is a bad thing...

suemac said...

We never have trick or treaters where we live so I don't have the temptation of candy bars. Since I am diabetic I have pretty much given them up anyway.

Mini MNM's said...

This will be our first year of passing out anything. My oldest is 3 and the twins are 21 months so I don't like them to get overloaded on candy. My 3 yr old is really into glow sticks so I found 100 of them for $8! Super cheap and not fatening! I am not tempted to snack on the glow sticks! And if we have leftovers, my kids can still have fun with them!