Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday's Health Wize...KISS!...

KISS?  Where is the mistletoe???

Cute...aint it?  Yeah...well, that kind of "kiss" isn't
what I had in mind.  But, that's what YOU were thinking, right?

I'm thinking along the lines of how to be careful with what
we eat over the when we go to parties or
are eating over at family and friends homes.  Here is something
to think about....

We can use the word KISS to help this way

K --- keep 
I --- it        
        S --- small  (and)  
  S --- simple  

So...Keep It Small and Simple.

First thing is NOT to go to a "FOOD-FEST" starving to death.
We shouldn't starve ourselves all day to save calories and then when
we arrive and all the food is set before us...
we'll eat everything in sight!
Without even thinking about what's going into our mouths...
we'll be putting calories as fast as we are talking.
If we eat healthy during the day, we'll be less likely to
eat LOTS of bad least we won't be slaves to our empty
stomachs. Often, I carry a healthy snack, in my purse...
 just in case.

A couple of other things that can help too.

1)  Don't eat anything that isn't simple.
Example of not simple are:
Dips, sauces, and things that are heavily processed. 
These usually have lots of calories.
Example of simple would be:
 Fruits, veggies, low fat/low processed meats and
or appetizers with only 2-3 fresh ingredients and baked

2)  Use smaller items to eat with.
Small plates...a salad plate instead of a dinner plate.
Smaller spoons/forks for eating desserts.
Smaller cups/glasses for the high calorie drinks.

3) Eat to taste things...
Using a small plate to put items's still possible to
have some of the high calories foods.  Just take
small portions and...don't go back for seconds.

4)  Try drinking at least 8 ounces of water before your
meal...or right before you are going to eat at the party.
After you've eaten your small plate "full" of foods...
drink at least one more glass of water.  You will feel
fuller.  You will put less on your plate initially and you will
feel fuller longer.

**I have to admit/confess!  I try to "behave" when there is
"yummy"/high calorie foods.  I try to turn down the sugary
holiday "good tasting" foods.   I try to not go back for
the junk foods I shouldn't be eating.  It can be REALLY
Family - Friends - Food - Fun
These words all seem to blend together in one
Happy "Song", with food being the accompaniment.
But, here's the deal...
I am going to best this Holiday Season.  I have a
weight-loss goal...and I want to be health-eee-er.
So, I'm going to give it my BEST try!

What about you?

~~ Recipe ~~


--- 3 pkges (each pkg has 8 spreadable wedges) of Laughing Cow Cream Cheese 
--- 2-3 cups (packed) of cleaned baby spinach (stems removed)
      steam spinach until it is just soft and then let it cool
--- 1/3 cup dried Parmesan cheese (you can use more or less to your taste)
--- 1/2 cup finely chopped pecans
--- 1/2-3/4 cup finely chopped deli ham
      ( I like to use the sliced packaged ham from Costco)
--- onion and garlic powder to taste
*Mix all the above ingredients (except chopped pecans) and shape into a ball
      Then, spread the chopped pecans onto a sheet of foil or waxed paper. 
      Roll the cheese ball on the nuts until the ball is covered.  Then, place
      the ball onto a sheet of saran wrap and put into the refrigerator until it's
      no longer soft...about an hour or so.
**If, you prefer a more firm cheese ball you can substitute half regular
      cream cheese with the Laughing Cow brand
** I don't like to add salt.  The ham is fairly salty and after the ball sits in
     the fridge for a few hours, the cream cheese seems to soak in salt from
     the ham.  You may choose to add salt.  =)

~ if you ever have questions about my crazeee recipes,
please, don't hesitate to email me. ~


 ~~ Ruby's Report ~~

Treadmill - 5 days/3 miles each day
Food - I was quite BAD this week.  I ate about 2 cups of peanut M&Ms.
             And, ate out Mexican with tooo many, WAY too many chips and salsa. 
             I even went to Breakfast Buffet last week...eating my favorite...a whole
             plate of bacon!  Okeee.  I need to get back ON the wagon!!
Weightloss - up 1.8 lbs from last week  =(   I wonder why?  ugh!!!

How did you all do with your Healthy-wize goals?


Valspierssews said...

Hi Annie, thank you fornthe timely reminders. I have decided that I will have one of everything on Christmas day - instead of the usual two that is. Last year I started eating rich foods and Christmas and didn't stop till May. This year any rich left overs will go home with someone else or be frozen or be thrown away. I have put on this month too. Not so much unhealthy but just eating to much. I will have to start writing everything down again.
Have a Merry Christmas and keep up the good effort. Don't let a few pounds derail you :)

Miss Hillbilly said...

I had a ham on Saturday. Oh me oh my! But I did good and did not bake other bad stuff to go with it--oh wait, except that bday cake!

The holidays are all done for us. That was it's veggies for lunch tomorrow!

suemac said...

Cookies have been my downfall. I am trying to stay away from them this week. We are not having company for Christmas so I should be able to be good. I exercised during the week but not on the weekend. I was busy, busy with trying to get my quilts done.

LimeRiot said...

K.I.S.S. - what a lovely notion. This could apply to so many things and I will be keeping it in my back pocket.

The holidays are so hard when it comes to keeping things simple and small. I'm doing what I can and forgiving myself when I can't :).