Monday, January 2, 2012

GIVEAWAY...Mystery Monday...

O...MY GOSH...a-loonies!! It's good to be back with...

Time to win
FIVE FAT QUARTERS (of your color choice)

Today's game is "name the block"
You can go to this link   ----  BLOCK CRAZY
and lots of quilt blocks are listed in alphabetical order.
This might help with guessing the block names.  I am going to
give you a clue...and the first letter of the block name.

Please, send your answers
 (please, don't put your answers in your comment) 

I will do the first block answer for you so you can get the
hang of the game... You probably already know what to do
 But, jeeeez in case, ya dunt.

1) Its a puzzle for a man that's not married  B__________   ___________  (2 words)
         (answer: Bachelor's Puzzle)

2)  A man might wear this around his shirt collar  B________  _______  (2 words)
3)  An alcoholic's road  D________  ________ (2 words)
4)  A bird on the water  G________   ___  ____ ________  (4 words)
5)  A Seaman uses it to know which direction to sail 
                 M___________   _________ (2 words)
6)  The outside of a fruit   O_________   ________  (2 words)
7)  Stealing from one guy to give to another 
                R________  _________ ___ ___ ________ (5 words)
8) Out in the ocean and the weather gets bad   S__________  ___  ____ (3 words)
    *note # 9 and #10 are not listed in the quilt block link above
9)   A little girl with a hat to shade her face from the sun 
                  S______   _________   ______  (3 words)
10)   A little boy that  wears bibbed jeans and a sun hat  O_______  _______ (2 words)

Please email your answers
 "Mystery Monday" in the subject.

and...remember...EEEZA OKAY
 if you don't know the all the answers!
Yep, meeee good friends...this is a game just for
  ~ FUN ~
*game ends Saturday Jan 7th midnight MT*
must be follower to win

We are so happy  to announce

Mystery Monday's Winner
for December 19th

from Washington State

She won 5 fat quarters and the book
by Richard Paul Evans...
The Lost December

As always...I LUV comments...they send warm
cyber-FUZZIES my way!!
Have you "petted" your sewing machine lately?
Do you have any SEWING New Year's resolutions?
I have a few Blog/Sewing/Crafting/Fibering resolutions
for the New Year...I will share them in the next
few blog posts coming up. 


Anonymous said...

That was fun! Thank you for a chance to try and win! =)

regan said...

Yay! I didn't need to look up any of them! I love games like that! lol

I'm not trying to put any pressure on my sewing this year.....And I'm only going to work on the UFO's that I 'really really' like still! So many are starters, but I'm afraid will never get finished, cuz they just aren't 'doing it' for me any more! lol

Vroomans' Quilts said...

No resolutions - but played with my sewing machine ALL night.

suemac said...

Hope you had a great holiday season. I wasn't too good on eating but I did not gain any weight.

Marcia W. said...

More of a goal than a resolution to improve my health. Lots of stressors - my SIL just called to tell us my bro is having an emergency operation. So we are sitting by the phone on ready.

Francis Paul said...

no resolutions here :-)

KatieQ said...

Thank you for the fun quiz. I have not touched my sewing machine for the last month. I'm starting to go into withdrawal. Tomorrow I awaken the Sleeping Beauty and stitch away.

quilary said...

The quiz was fun - thanks. I have been giving my machine so much attention that it is starting to protest - it's probably overdue for a service anyway...oops!
I've gone off resolutions - if you can be bothered going to my blog post you'll find out why!

Bev said...

Fun Quiz this week. Didn't look any up so I hope they're correct. lol Happy New Year!

Linda V said...

Thanks for a fun contest. I cannot pet my sewing machine..... it is in the shop! But soon it will be home!

Chiska said...

I got a new machine for Christmas and I still need to get it out of the box. We don't have a lot of space, but I think today is going to be the day. I have lots of trying out to do!

Sis-O said...

Thank you for the game, the link, and for the giveaway...Sissy

Kristen said...

I have not sewn since last week but spent all of last night cutting for a new project!!

I do have some quilty resolutions (I have a lot of resolutions so I have to limit the number in each category!). One is to finish at least two UFOs. There was a great article in McCall's Quilting magazine called, "Quilt Happier in 2012" that I have hanging up to draw inspiration from, and that was one of them.

Love Of Quilts said...


B Greene said...

What a fun idea - thanks for the puzzle. There were a couple of blocks that I had not heard of before.