Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ketch-up #2 and 2 birds...

Since I wasn't able to upload pictures last night from
my laptop to's post is going to be like
..."killing giving 2 birds with 1 stone home"
Okay...I know that's not how the saying goes.  But who
wants to kill birds?  Not me...

I'm gonna post about the tidbits from the end of 2011
WIP Wednesday linking to FRESHLY PIECED
(...if you would like to see more fun WIPs click
on the Freshly Pieced link)

I made this quilt for a friend who has been ill
for awhile and is using a wheel chair.  Dog-gone it,
shoot!... I didn't get a better picture.  These clips are my
 favorite binding "holders"...a LOT less dangerous
and a WHOLE lot less painful than pins.

This is an embroidery quilt that I've started.
I bought a quilt kit with the embroidery designs from Dave's  
Bernina in St George.  Tammy, one of the ladies who work
spent many hours, several days to help me with the setting
up my machine to make these beautiful designs.  Thank YOU
Tammy, you were so patient! This is WIP.  I need to
embroider more blocks and piece the top.

This is a "Big Daddy" kit that I bought from
Broadbent's a LQS.  The quilt consists of all 8.5" squares.
This is quilted and off the long-arm but, still needs it's
binding sewin on... another WIP.

This is another "Big Daddy" pattern (all 8.5" squares).  There was
a similar kit at Broadbent's.  But, I decided to use some of my
stash along with a few new prints.  It still just a top without
borders...another WIP

A Christmas towel
This was a "private embroidery lesson"...
with my good friend Maxine.  It seems that I still
need her as a safety net when I do machine embroidery.
Someday, maybe I will "graduate" to doing it
ALL by myself.  =)

**I do have several knitted, crochet, fiber
finishes from 2011.  I'm gonna try to post those
in a few days on my other blog....


and.... last but, not least...

something REALLY cool happened before Christmas..
I WON! ....a super duper prize from....

This is a great book with projects that you
can make with just ONE skein/ball of yarn. 
OH!! and yes...
headband is handmade!!

I LUV the colors!!  The photo doesn't do
justice to the purpl-eee/blue/lavender variations.
The knit pattern is sooooo pretty too!
Thank YOU, Mareth!
~~ Mareth...over at LIMERIOT~~
Beautiful girl (well, you should see her blog photo!),
 wonderful blog with lots of tutorials and great giveaways!
Are you still "ketching-up" from 2011?
If so, what 2011 WIP are you going to start on first?


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

All of your work is great....but I really love the embroidery that you are working on...beautiful!!

Sheila said...

All lovely. Esp headband.
Congratulations on win.
Daddy squares quilt is a great idea for fabrics with large designs that one doesn't want to cut up into small pieces. Thanks for the idea!

Miss Hillbilly said...

How long have you had a longarm? About how many quilts do you quilt on it a year? Just wondering for no reason at all.

Hiked a couple of miles yesterday with Stephen on my shoulders for half of it. Boy was that nice!

sunny said...

My gosh you've been busy! Love that pretty blue yarn.

Char said...

Congrats on the win.
I made a list yesterday. I have 15 quilts to finish, I don't know where to start!

suemac said...

I like your embroidered block. I have not tried anything that fancy on my Singer embroidery machine.

Belinda said...

Wow! That embroidery block is unbelievable! The others are beautiful too. :)

Needled Mom said...

That is a beautiful embroidery design!

Your friend will love that cheery quilt. Those are the same clips I use for binding.

The simple squares make such pretty quilts.

LimeRiot said...

I used hair clips like that for the few quilts I managed to finish :). They really seem to hold things securely in place and with no finger pricks!

I bet your friend felt better when she received your lovely quilt. What a thoughtful gift.

And of course I'm thrilled that you one my little giveaway! I'm glad you like your new goodies.

April D said...

oh, that is just GORGEOUS.
i need to remember the hair clip trick for OTHER projects--like protecting young fingers from pins while holding seam binding to aprons and doll dresses. :) thanks!

Love Of Quilts said...

You have some very pretty quilts.

Pattilou said...

Love your embroidery! I never really learned how to use my machine for that--long story short, closed shop and then a new one three hours away. Your work makes me want to figure out how to do this!

Lots of other fun projects too!

Terri said...

wow your quilts are really getting so interesting and beautiful