Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Mad Hatter tried to fix my watch... =(

But, it's TWO MONTHS behind and NOW
.....I'm late...I'm late

...for a very important date!  Well actually it's date"S", since I missed
posting both January AND February finishes.
And, it's already March 8th.  I'm looking at my watch and
thinking...I should've taken it to a watch repairman, NOT the
Mad Hatter!

I did finish the following quilts in January & February.  But, getting
photos of them and on the blog, wheeeeel, that just didn't
happen until now.  I still wanna share...I hope you don't mind
that I'm late.

~ This is a stack and slash ~
 It was a hidden UFO that surfaced during
one of my "organizing" days (or you could say DAZE)

All the fabrics are flannel. The plaid border
is on the back as well as a border for the front.

 I used one of my favorite frog fabrics to
add some hoppin' fun.

These are some left over monster scraps that
snuck their way in too.


One of my favorite quilts...I LUV the fabric
design and colors.  I think this frog is a bit
Maybe he doesn't realize if he wants to be hired again
for another photo-shoot...he'd better learn to smile.

The kit was called "Big Daddy"
They are all 8.5" squares.  The cutting and sewing went pretty
fast and easy.  The layout was a bit more involved.  I used a
Ruby Beholder to check values of squares sitting next to each
other.  There are 11 rows in length.  To make it a bit easier, I
arranged upper 4 rows and a middle row.  The lower 4 rows
(below the middle) is a reverse repeat of the upper 4.

Do you ever have more photos and/or ideas than there is
time to create blog posts? 



Teresa in Music City said...

Sometimes life just happens and we can't keep up!!! I'm glad you decided to share anyway... your quilts are lovely! And I would have hated to miss meeting the grumpy frog =^..^=

Michele said...

Nice finishes. And yes there is never enough time to do all that we want to do. That's just life unfortunately.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Yipee! Finishes! Always love it when we finish something.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Both are great! So nice to see what you have been working on. And yes, finishes are just super!

Needled Mom said...

Is there ever enough time? I love the finishes and I'll bet that flannel quilt is so soft and cuddle-ly!

suemac said...

Love the UFO. It looks like some lucky little boy would enjoy it.

Linda said...

What great finishes! I also love the little frog!
Yes, I am having a terrible time finding blogging time. This is my really busy time of year, preparing for a shop hop! Glad you found time to share with us.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Great finishes! :-) In answer to your question, yes~ but my problem is I am doing too much 'secret sewing' that I can't blog about... and when I can, I have other things to blog about! LOL Have a happy day!

Kat said...

It is never too late to celebrate a finish! Your quilts are beautiful (and the grumpy frog is cute, too). Always more ideas and photos than time.... or like Sandie mentioned, too many "secret projects" that we can't share!

Sara said...

I can relate to the too many pics too little time. That's ok though as some of the other ladies stated above. Share what you can and we will give you some hugs;)

The Twilight Quilters Coven said...

So happy to see your finishes! Such cheerful quilts and the quilting is awesome!!

Quiet Quilter said...

Everything is new to someone who hasn't experienced it you are not late as far as I am concerned...They are both lovely.

PJ said...

Never enough time to do all the things I think of, see or even want to do. Good for you, your finishes are great!

Miss Hillbilly said...

I Love both of your finishes...but yes there are always more blog and sewing ideas than time!!!

Lynette said...

Haha! Yes, definitely - more photos/ideas than time to blog about. :) Love your quilts - so bright and cheery on the first, and so soft and soothing on the second. Whoop! Whoop!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Whats the saying - Done is Done - whther its late or not? Love your quilts! And the frog!!

Sarah Craig said...

Your quilts are wonderful, and such a cute little frog! I think he's smiling just fine!! Whoop whoop!!