Monday, April 16, 2012

5 Fat Quarters giveaway! Mystery Monday

You've been called
...LAST minute to join in a weekend retreat

weekend retreat with a famous quilt teacher.  You
are NOT told who the teacher is. You don't
want to turn it down because it's "all expenses paid"
The glitch is...
you only have ONE hour to pack and get ready for
your ride to the airport. 

There will be no stores of any kind for miles around.
 A sewing machine, scissors, rotary blade, ruler and
cutting mat will be provided for you. 
You are only allowed your purse and ONE carry on  piece
of luggage.  Taking up some room in your one piece of luggage have been asked to bring 2 yards of 4 different fabrics
 to trade with other students.

The MYSTERY for today is...
What would you try to fit into your one piece of carry-on
luggage and your purse? 

To enter to WIN
the 5 Fat Quarters in your choice of colors...

 Please, leave a comment and name at least 5 things
 ...that you would pack for the retreat.
You can list more than 5 things if you want! 
...remembering that it must fit into what's allowed as
  "carry-ons" for an air flight.
Think...important, crazy...funny, whatever might come
to your mind, that YOU would "NEED" during a
weekend quilting retreat. ...Have fun =)

~~Entries close Saturday April 21st midnight MT~~
*must be a follower to win*

YEAH....SO HAPPY to announce last week's
Mystery Monday winner...

from Canada

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Mhairi said...

First comment. No one to check with, oh well. Into my bag I am putting
1. My surgical seam ripper - I can't live without it, not sure how I will get this through the airport but I NEED it.
2. My painkillers - nothing ruins a sewing weekend like pain!!
3. Comfy clothes, so I can move around. No shoes, except the ones I am wearing - I sew barefoot.
4. More fabric, got to show off my stash and surely someone will be willing to swap with me
5. Camera. Don't think this needs an explanation!!

~Kelie~ said...

Wow, I'm only the 2nd commenter....No way I'm going to win!!! :( oh well! I'm going to try anyways!!
1. MY CAMERA!!! I can't live without it!
2. My hairdryer & straitener!
3. PJ pants (cuz I LOVE THEM!)
4. ummm....My "quilting dictionary" (so I don't look like an idiot when everyone starts talking about quilting!!!)
5. A notebook w/ paper & tons of pens and pencils (SO I CAN TAKE TONNNNNNNS OF NOTES! Plus I'm just addicted to pens! LOL)
Okay, so that was pretty hard! Thanks for the chance to win though!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

First I would need some sort of pad because I'd be pee peeing myself the entire time (TMI? sorry)

1. Depends
2. Camera fully charged and video capable.
3. Some nuts and dried fruits because there is no way I'd be taking time to stop and eat.
4. Presentable pajamas
5. As many thank you gifts as I could stuff in.

You really know how to get a girls blood flowing don't you Annie?


Josie McRazie said...

Well (Big girl here) a spare Bra is out of the question LOL!!!
1) Camera! Because I always seem to forget it and end up kicking myself! LOL
2) Sorry to have to say it, Migraine meds! This hits me in the worst time and I want to have as much fun as I POSSIBLY can! :)
3)I would wear my flipity flops (Because they go with EVERYTHING) and I would bring my Mexico dresses because they are lightweight, comfortable and can be smashed into MINIMAL space!!
4) I did not see Iron in the list of provided, I think I would take my Mini Clover! Have to have it if my seams are going to be a success!!
5) The mini essential body care kit (Do I have to spell it out ladies) I want everyone to be able to sew around me LOL!!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

OOPS...I can write more than 5 things...

Eye glass wipes...mine get dirty quick and I've got to be able to see every detail.

My medications...cuz I'd be a mess without them.

Instant coffee-Via by Starbucks....they are small little packs and I like a cup of joe in the morning.

A hair clip to keep my dirty hair out of the way I'm taking time to do the hair etc.

Perfume to cover up the fact that I would not take the time to shower either.

Geez...I'm so bad....but sooo honest.


Rebeckah Austin said...

1. Undies
2. Pjs
3. Camera
4. sweats/comfey outfit
5. my portable catch all sewing/everything kit (it is about 5"-6"-1")
6. prayer book
7. deodorant
8. hair brush

I could go on as I am very good and condensing things and using up my space.

Thanks for the challenge!

Jen said...

My bags would include:
1. Chocolate.
2. Camera
3. clean undies
4. GOOD thread
5. hand needles and Thimblepads
6. Fav pieces of fabric stash (to share and engender envy from others!)
7. Chocolate
8. Personal stuff - curling iron, deoderant, makeup
9. Socks! (I don't like to wear shoes)
10. chocolate

Ella said...

Allergy meds, my phone and camera, as much Tula Pink fabric as I can cram, deodorant, my electric toothbrush, PJS and a change of clothes.

Craig and Liz said...

I would have to take my tiny portable iron and ironing pad. I love to have them right by my sewing machine.
My glasses so I can see.
My portable bright light.
Seam ripper, unfortunately I need one.
Chocolate, chocolate & chocolate
Mints to cover dragon breath.
Personal stuff.

Karen M said...

OK, now think about this. You can only bring your purse and a carry on. Some of you need to rethink your lists.

I don't need to take a separate camera because my phone is in my purse. Since there are no stores there is no need to bring money. That will lighten the load considerably (cough). I will wear sweats (can double as PJ's) and tennies. (It's only a weekend. We'll have to move fast.) Seam rippers will never make it through TSA unless you really want one of the free massages they offer. Toiletries will have to be kept to a bare minimum (the quart bag limit) so you may have to make tough choices. I would grab a toothbrush, small paste, bar of soap, and small deodorant. The hair can be ignored for a weekend. It might not be pretty, but you aren't the one who'll be looking at it, so forget shampoo. I learned from my sons that underwear can be worn for several days (I swear, it wasn't because I didn't do laundry. It's a boy thing.)

So, here are the absolute essentials. Caffeine (the Starbucks Via is a great idea), chocolate (in any of its wonderful forms), and fabric. So, load up that carry on with caffeine, chocolate, and as much fabric as can be crammed in without incurring an overweight charge. When they start doing that for passengers, I will quit flying.

This has been fun. Thanks for the chance to win.

Anonymous said...

Only one hour? I can pack and get to the airport in that amount of time, but picking out 2 yards of 4 different fabrics is another story. Let's see I would take:
1. My camera and extra memory cards.
2. Fabric from the Terrain and Good Fortune collections.
3. Sundresses. I need to be comfortable and this is what I wear at home.
4. My favorite pajamas.
5. Toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash. No nasty breath for me.
6. My hairbrush and shampoo. No one will be inspired by the bird's nest my hair becomes when it's not brushed.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Pills, Hall's cough drops, butterfingers, Puff Plus, and a coke.

Anonymous said...



hueisei said...

Ipad, Handphone, sewing kits, water bottle, poker cards, clothings, toiletries, snacks, fruits , stationeries and notebook.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

LOL the first thing I thought of was chocolate, followed closely by something with caffeine! ;) Then I'd want my comfy shoes and a notebook and finally when I was on the road to the retreat I'd think about clean clothes and toiletries! LOL Thanks for the fun!

Gill said...

Chocolate, rotary cutter, stitch ripper, underwear and my specs!

Diann said...

2 changes of clothes
medications and vitamins
hairbrush and comb, shampoo, toothbrush and paste, deoderant
my Ott light
My current embroidery (fits in small Ziploc) and a novel for the plane

Pippa Parsons said...

passport as hopefully it's out of france :O)
deodorant, toothbrush & paste
Pen and quilting journal
that should do :)

JOY @ said...

Oh you wouldn't believe what my purse already has in it. Just won a game at a party for having the most stuff in my purse. Yes, I have shoulder problems.
1. My Nook (has my Bible on it.)
2. Camera
3. Journal- for taking notes I can't remember.
4. 1 change of comfortable clothes.
5. Of course the 4 different fabrics.
6. One of those "space saving bags" to condense my new quilt project that I would hope that I'd be making on the retreat w/ those 4 beautiful pieces of fabric.

Lee Ann L. said...

1. chocolate
2. prevacid & OTC pain killers
3. camera!
4. my organizer calendar!
5. underwear, socks and a shirt. I think I'd be fine with the one pair of jeans I'd be wearing as long as it doesn't get filthy. :-)

Patti said...

1- toothbrush & toothpaste
I think I can live without everything else.
It's possible I may wear several outfits instead of packing them!

Emma-Jayne said...

I'd probably go with...
1.Coffee (without it I just stop)
2. PJ's
3. Camera
4. My iPhone (doubles as notebook,novel,photo album of my kiddos and well just about everything but a coffee machine)
5. Toothbrush/toothpaste/mint shower gel
Right, when do I leave?

Linda Big D said...

I'm a follower.
Pins & pin cushions
Pencil & notebook
3 seam rippers (I lose mine and need them)
Plastic bag of blocks ready to sew
Plastic bags of I spy charms to swap
Undies, sox & tops
Camera, Kindle

JoyceLM said...

It's going to take up most of the hour trying to find 2 yards of 4 different fabrics since I rarely buy more than 1 yard. Also in my suitcase, I'll pack underwear, flannel pj pants/t-shirt, pair of jeans & a pair of sweatpants, 2 bigshirts & 2 t-shirts, 2 pairs of socks & 1 pair of slippersocks, blowdryer & styling wand, comb & mirror. In my 2nd allowed personal bag (which is actually a diaper bag I got at Target, but doesn't look like it & it fits under the seat in front), I'll pack my zip bag of toiletries that I usually keep ready, my non-liquid makeup bag, my camera, my Kindle, & my wallet. Thanks for the chance to win.

Marcia W. said...

Medications, mouthguard for sleeping, thread (wasn't listed as provided), change of clothes, and nightgown. I'm assuming that this posh place has soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, hair dryer, robe, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, et al provided with the room.

KatieQ said...

I need: my electric toothbrush, tooth paste, change of underwear, comb, soap, notebook, pen, camera, water bottle, and tea bags. I'd definitely want my computer, I'm lost without it.

ThreadCatcher said...

1.Comfy clothes to sew and sleep in.
3.Pins...I things turn out better when I use them.
5.Personal care kit, including my mouth guard for sleeping.
6. Thread
7. Mini iron
I'm sure I would fit in more, but that is what I can think of right now.

Sallie said...

1. phone, earplugs & charger
2. baggies
3. clothes
4. toiletries
5. pen & paper
6. gum
Thanks for the giveaway!

Jocelyn said...

This is too fun-

I would take -

1. my toothbrush/toothpaste
2. clean undies
3. pj's
4. clean shirt and jeans
5. shampoo and hairbrush
6. slippers
7. snacks
8. deodorant
9. required fabrics

Notebook, pens, Quilt magazine to read on the plane, vitamins, Tylenol, small Bible, my camera, cell phone and chargers would be in my purse. You didn't say how big of a purse we could take ;-)

Vroomans' Quilts said...

This was a fun post and I have cracked up at some of the responses - so funny!! I would excuse myself or pass it on as I can't fly.

Anonymous said...

What great fun that would be! I just packed for 4 days at Cinci, and took clothes in a backpack and my sewing in a tote that would also hold my purse. =) I would pack (in addition to the requirements, of course!):

1. My meds.
2. Clean undies.
3. 3 t-shirts (since I'm sure to spill)
4. My toothbrush, toothpaste, comb.
5. My Kindle.

Cloud 9 said...

1. Aspirin because I would stay up way too late sewing.
2. Ipod
3. Chocolate
4. Hairdryer & brush
5. Pj's and slippers
6. My glow-in-the-dark pins
7. Toothbrush and toothpaste
8. Cinnamon Orange tea
9. Phone
10. Notebook
11. Let's not forget the FABRIC and thread!

quilary said...

I'd take
wine, chocolates, clothes, lollies a seam ripper, thread to match the fabric I'm taking, phone, camera, and laptop.

heartsease54 said...

1. Dark chocolate, I can't function without it.
2. My thimble, it goes everywhere with me.
3. My Kindle & charger cord.
4. Hand sewing kit of some kind w/ a clover thread cutter.
5. Meds.
6. Aurifil thread-large spool.

Janet said...

Camera, laptop, wine, toothbrush, hairbrush, Tums and meds for reflux, comfy pants, shirt and shoes, diary and felt pens. Fun! When do we leave?

Angela said...

In no particular order:
1. iPad
2. Hair product
3. Nescafé instant coffee and plenty of Sweet n Low
4. Phone
5. Lipgloss (it's a must)
6. Razor and tweezer...can't sport a unibrow even for sewing bliss!

How fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

Unknown said...

I'd take:

1) two tins of wintergreen Altoids (I'm addicted)
2) my medicine for my arthritis and migraines (because they always hit when I'm having fun).
3) A bag of Reese's Pieces (my favorite)
4) My glasses
5) My pincushion and a bag of safety pins.
6) My ipad
7) Paper and pens for autographs!
8) Camera and charger
9) Cell phone and charger (always forget that charger).

shel704 at aol dot com

Wendy said...

1. Change of underwear, a comb and toothbrush and meds.
2. Thread! How can I sew without thread?
3. Ripper. Just in case...
4. Purple Thang. Takes so little room and is ver useful for poking, guiding and turning and threading
5. Extra needles and pins
5. Cell phone, because it is a phone, alarm clock, camera and computer all in one!
How's that? Seems like it would all fit in a large pencil case so far... then, I'll roll my fabrics so they pack really well and that way I can take my iron. I love a good heavy iron.
I'm packed and ready!!!
I am a follower

Barb Neiwert said...

1. Number One Item: Thread - can't sew without thread! I'd bring a selection of Aurifil.
2. My camera - can't go without a camera.
3. My passport because I just know we'd be going somewhere exotic and summer clothes because it's sure to be warm there!!!
4. My laptop - a necessity for taking notes, gathering everyone's contact info, sharing patterns and ideas, etc.
5. Maybe some snacks for everyone. You do plan to feed us, don't you?

Linda said...

How fun! I'd take: I-phone that has camera, internet, and e-reader
2. a mini-iron
3. needle and thread
4. pins
5.freezer paper
6. grid paper
7. mechanical pencil
8. clean underwear
9. blue jeans
10. tee shirt
11. chocolate!!!

kc said...

Oh gosh, so many needs, so little room, and not much time to think about it either!

First things first - I'd switch my usual normal-sized purse for my Professional Tote that's big enough to carry my laptop! Then, I'd find a special pocket for some chocolate & stuff it full, then I could think about everything else.

My computer, of course & my card-writer and USB stick for designs, and keeping up with all my bloggy friends.

My cell phone & charger and my camera, spare battery & charger would go next.

Now we're down to sewing necessities - my favorite little embroidery snips, a seam ripper and some general thread colors, my Chalko-liner and some pins.

I'd slip in a nightie or 3 & my bathrobe - y'all don't need to know *everything* LOL

Probably a couple of shirt & short sets, too, so you don't have see the same clothes daily.

My toothbrush & deodorant for sure...for the obvious reasons.

Sox & my fuzzy slippers - my feet get sooo cold!

I'd be sure & save room for a couple pictures of my hubby & puppy and my mastercard, then I'd be all set.

It's sure fun to dream, isn't it?

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Annie. I see that a lot of readers have risen to the challenge! I'm not interested in winning anything but I might propose the opposite of all of the above. Besides minimal, necessary clothing, medical, and toiletry items, how about taking nothing and being challenged by having to make do with what is provided? Isn't that a liberating thought?
best, nadia

charlotte said...

1. change of clothes
2. jammies
3. toothbrush, comb, deodorant
4. clean socks and underwear
5. camera
6. kindle reader
7. maybe more than 2 yards of fabric
I am really good at making stuff fit in a carry on.

Michele said...

Hmmm. I would have to pack..

1. Clean undies and socks naturally
2. Toiletries such as deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste. It wouldn't be fair to the other attendees otherwise.
3. Coffee packets...I can't live without my coffee
4. My meds...also can't live without
5. Giant hair barrettes so I wouldn't have to worry about fussing with it all weekend long.

Jennyroo said...

1. Diet Coke (this falls strongly into the NEED category rather than simply a want! The airplane security thugs will have to pry it out of my cold dead hands before I give it up)
2. Twix bars (I need them to help make me happy... heehee)
3. As much Amy Butler fabric as I have in my house - that is to say, a full fat quarter set of each of her last 3 collections.
4. My Macbook pro (can't live without email)
5. A picture of my boys... I'll miss them, although it won't stop me from going!)

Karen O said...

1. Clean underwear
2. Nightgown
3. One pair clean pants and shirt
4. Shampoo, conditioner
5. Medication
6. A good attitude!

Becky said...

I can be ready in 45 minutes:)
1. change of clothing
2. Moisturizer
3. My Nook
4. Sewing notions bag
5. Chargers for iphone, camera, etc
6. My purse (it has most everything I need)
7. One of my sewing friends to enjoy the experience with me!

Brenda said...

1. Pj's
2. clean up kit (soap, toothbrush, etc)
3. underwear
4. snacks
5. camera
6. notepad and pens
7. meds
8. small flashlight (in case I want to sneak a peek at night at the sewing)
9. credit card
10. passport
11. extra clothes
12. book for the plane ride

Gwen said...

Oh, I LOVE impromptu trips!! I hope I remember to pack all the important stuff!! Let me think... for sure I'll throw in my pj's and slippers, a few toiletries (including tooth brush and paste), makeup, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo book (my current read), a deck of cards in case we have spare time (learned that a good card game is a great way to pass the time and have fun back in my Girl Scout Leader days), some candy (just because a girl gets hungry sometimes ;-), my address book and stamps (I love to send post cards!), and a spare change of clothes.

I'm SO excited!! Can't wait to see where we're going!!!

Kylie Carlson said...

1. My camera
2. Kindle Fire- so I can look at my PDF patterns, it much better than paper patterns that I lose just one sheet out of :) [plus notetaking and plane entertainment]
3. Fabric- probably some precut bundles since they pack a lot of color and choice in a little space
4. A comfy change of clothes
5. A handful of neutral spools of thread
6. A few yards of freezer paper off my industrial sized roll
7. My adorable toadstool needlebook with a variety of needles

Such a fun exercise! Thanks.

Swedish Scrapper said...

My fully charged camera, with charger, awesome seamripper (no wait, I'd have to have that in the suitcase so it doesn't get nabbed), reading glasses, tablet for my PDF's and pics, comfy clothes, and fabric and trims that I jam in at the last minute! Hmmm. That was more than 5, huh?

April said...

Let's see:
Purse: my phone and charger, my wallet, my keys, and some M&Ms.
Luggage: tank tops and cotton house pants, socks, jammies, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, hair bands, fabric, thread, my camera and laptop, deo., pics of kids and hubby, tea, and some safety pins.

Sue SA said...

Purse: camera, passport, quilting notebook and pencil for sketching ideas and taking notes, USB stick of pics of my quits in lieu of physical quits for show n tell.
Carry on: mini toiletries pack I keep for weekends away, 2 changes underwear and t shirts, heat bag and three reels of thread (grey, cream and tan), my novelty fabric that i have pre cuts for swapping, my favorite pin cushion/sewing tidy to keep my work space organized, few zip lock bags, my medication that allows me to eat dairy and not get sick, as much fabric as will fit and some pins from my guild as presents.

Phew hope I don't need a visa and that someone will take care of the kids and tell DH where I am, no time for notes the taxi is here!

Quiltsmiles said...

What a novel idea.
For my carry on luggage I typically would bring a change of undergarments, 1 or 2 shirts, book, magazine, hand sewing, camera, jewelry, Cpap machine and then what ever else I could manage to fit and lift. If I needed my sewing machine, I think I'd try to pass something large off as my purse. lol

Mary Couch said...

Oh, BOY! Did someone say, "ROAD TRIP?
I'd throw in a couple crazy t-shirts, yoga pants, flip flops, DARK CHOCOLATE, wine, my sewing survivor kit, and vanity survivor kit. That's it, that's all!
Hugs from Mary

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Sweat pants, toothbrush, camera, reading glasses & bible. I'm packed!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

1. hand lotion
2. camera
3. chocolate
4. comfy clothes
5. book for the plane ride
6. allergy meds (cuz it's allergy season)
8. pillow (gotta have an extra one)
9. chocolate
10. pj's

Maria Kievit said...

New follower. Taking a few threaded needles with different colours, a bobbin case, a few spools of thread (the common ones) a seam ripper, and a small stash of candies. Can't do long times of sewing without them. Thanks for the giveaway.

Bobbie said...

I enjoyed reading everyone's comments! Good thing no one is in the office to hear me giggling!
My purse already has the "necessaries" cept for the undies- let see- I will wear my reversible skirt- pack the other reversible one and tops to match- just need my scissors and fabric- 4 inches of metal on the scissors is ok so I can bring my cutter bees( I actually took them to CA last year- crazy) my camera is in my purse along with the charger, chocolate, coffee cup, grab my teddy bear and my Bible feed the cats and I'm out the door! Altho I agree with those who would have difficulty choosing which fabric to take!

teachpany said...

My purse is a backpack!! Really! I can get my phone and camera in there along with some chocolate (always needed especially when sewing and stressed, only having 1 hour to pack, lol) My duffle can squish in the overhead, so I can pack the 8 yards of fabic, plus a pattern and strip pack and background fabric for a project (if needed) and my undies, pj's, and a change of clothes. Don't need makeup, but do need my meds, vitamins and hairbrush, toothbrush and deodorant (no smelly pits! They come with stress too!) Whoo, I'm ready! Thanks for the ticket!

robin said...

1. Comfy change of clothes
2. Camera
3. Seam Ripper
4. Thread
5. Chocolate to share. :D

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Oh I can pack really light when I need to.

1. Hairbrush
2. Toothbrush and toothpaste
3. UFO's
4. Lots of thread, I am a speed sewer, one spool would not do the trick.
5. More fabric.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

This scenario almost identical has happened to me. I was the first one to arrive to. I was packed in a matter of 20 minutes, and I had to pack and take my own machine, scissors, etc. The only thing being provided were irons. It was a great weekend too. The worst part was when they kicked me out of the sewing room at midnight and told me to go to bed.

Kristy fordhook1 said...

Toothbrush is a good idea, some wine with twist off top, trailmix with m&m's, the fabric and throw in some thread too, my phone, running shoes in case I run out of wine I'll run to the nearest store.

Marlene said...

Wow,the top 5 things I would bring are
1.under garments
2.comfy shoes
4.clean clothes notions box

Carla G said...

This sounds like a great trip...
The first things I'd pack are:
1. my phone (camera, phone & computer all in one)
2. change of clothes/pj's
3. travel sized toiletries (contacts/solution/glasses, tooth brush/paste, deodorant, shampoo/conditioner)
4. thread (as that isn't provided)
5. cross stitch project & book for plane ride
6. snacks (granola bars, trail mix)

It's amazing how much you can actually fit into a carry-on... :)

Christine M said...

I would pack my stitching bag, underwear, slippers, lollies (candy), extra clothes and toiletries. I'll leave the hair dryer at home and everyone can put up with my unstyled hair!

PJ said...

Class sewing kit of notions
Comfy clothes
Toothbrush & toothpaste

Sharon B said...

Go Baby and Accessories (in my purse)
Chatelaine (gotta have the little stuff)
Sample size toiletries
Note book
More fabric
Sweatpants & T-shirts (they can be rolled and not take up much room)

Seam rippers and scissors can’t come :~O