Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's all in a Name...or is it? ...Mystery....??

Mystery...Monday?? O, wait...that was yesterday...
So...it will have to be (once again)
Mystery Tuesday
It's a bit of a Mystery to me...how a quilt shop owner
might come up with the name for their store. 

They might just inherit the name...or, maybe they had the
 opportunity to "create" a NEW name for their store.
Below is a list of Quilt Shop Names...and, the list is just a
 to get YOU started...thinking!

Three Ducks on a Roof 
Sew Unique Quilt Shop
Dream Crafters Quilt Shop
Speckled Hen Quilts
Patchwork Plus
OK Quiltworks
Prairie Quilts
The Pink Poodle Quilt Shop
The Bunk House
Roundabout Quilting
 Quilted Angel
Tea Time Calicos
Purple Frog Quilts
Tater Patch
Rumpled Quilt Skins

What do YOU think?...did I make up any of these quilt store
 names?  Or are they all real store names?  And, I'm thinkin'
it could be great fun if YOU might list a few Quilt Store names.
....Maybe you have an "original" idea for naming a quilt store.
 OR,...maybe YOU've heard of some fun and/or unusual
store names in your quilt shop travels? 

To enter to win
 this week's Mystery Monday (Tuesday)...
please leave a comment
 with at least 5 Quilt Store names...
they can be real or just REALLY original (clever, funny, etc).

~~ entries close Saturday, April 28th, midnight MT ~~
~ must be a follower to win ~

YEP!! It's back flipping...for last week's
Mystery Monday WINNER!!

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B Greene said...

The Gem (as in: Hey, Honey...I'm going to The Gem, OK?)

My Happy Place
It's Cheaper than Therapy
Cutting Corners
Around the Block

I love Rumpled Quilt Skins. If it is not a real store, it should be!

Eat Sleep Quilt said...

I like those names! Here are some:

The Fabric Peddler (a real name)
Sew Quilt It
Quilter's Stew
I'd Rather Be Quilting
The Quiltery Shop
The Quilt Patch (real)
Cottonseed Glory (real shop)

In reality if I were to start a quilt shop, it'd be a real puzzle what I'd call it... maybe Eat, Sleep, Quilt?? ;o)

Lisa C said...

The Quilt Asylum (McKinney, TX)
Happiness is Quilting (McKinney)
Stitchen' Heaven (TX)
Quilters Connection (Dallas)
Old Craft Store (Carrollton, TX)
Fabric Fanantics (all batiks!!! Plano, TX)

THanks for the chance to win!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Oh gosh...with my memory...

The Fabric Cupboard(Moncton,NB)
The Quiltery(Riverview, NB)
Quilt Gallery(PEI)

There we go; I tried to stay away from the on line stores...lol
thanks for the giveaway....have a good week.

regan said...

Busy Thimble
Patchwork Palace
Stitchen' Post
Cozy Cottons
Lost Art (the name I would use if I ever open up my old-timey crafts/antique shop!)

I loved your list.....Bunk House conjured up fond memories.....my mother grew up on a farm, with farm hands who stayed in a bunk house, and she had lots of stories around that.

Anonymous said...



Lee Ann L. said...

The Quilt Haus (New Braunfels, TX)
Painted Pony 'N Quilts (Laporte, TX)
Quilt Country (Lewisville, TX)
Pinwheels and Posies (Dickinson, TX)
Creations (Kerrville, TX)

And yes, I've been to all of these shops. :-)

Chatty Crone said...

Well I just wanted to say hello. I don't think your first one is a real shop - lol -

I think that is such a wonderful talent to have.


pam said...

My favorite was seen when I went to Tulsa.

Sew Flakes- the owners were kinda flakey...

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Well my two local shops :
The Quilt Bug and The Yardstick

Hmmm, my made up:
On Pins & Needles
Bobbins & Bolts
The FabriK Kupboard

Marcia W. said...

Some made up names:
You Sew and Sew
Checked Border
Gone Quilt'n
Fanny Sue's Sew Shop

Sheila said...

These are some names I made up. Not sure if there are any shops by these names, but I like them.
Golden Threads
Quilts and Things
Novelty Fabrics
Fabrics, Needles and Threads
Quilting Dreams

KatieQ said...

Fickle Pickle Quilt Shop
Loose Threads
Sew What's New
In Stitches
The Ruler's Edge

Needled Mom said...

I'm always interested in the name choices. Some of our local shops include

Bolts in the Bathtub
Cotton and Chocolate (of course)
Quilters Cocoon
Stars and Scraps
Flying Geese Fabrics

My favorite all time shop name was a maternity shop called "Daddy Did It".

Jocelyn said...

Patchwork Pig
Needle in a Haystack
Quilts on Plum Lane
Stitch and Sew
Keep Me in Stitches

Westside Quilters Guild said...

Quilts Shop Names

Half Square Quilts
Strippy Stripey Quilts
Snuggle Bug Quilts
Random Acts of Softness
Undercover Quilt Company

c said...

i got an error when I posted mine, but when I went back it said it was saved, now I cant find it

Diann said...

What fun. Let's see...

Bobbin Along
Sew What?
Quilt as You Go
On Pins and Needles
Home (as in "I'll be at Home all weekend.")

Barb Neiwert said...

Cheaper By The Yard
Fabric Granary
Sew Darn Happy
The Heirloom Stitch
Bobbins and Bows

I am not very original. Oh, well....

Sallie said...

The Quilt Store
Seams Too Good
DIY Quilts
So Sew
The Fabric Maverick

Anonymous said...

now lets see Annie
the quick un pick shop
the stash shop
the dream fabric shop
stash bargin shop
the quilter's dream shop
thanks Annie.xx

Cecilia said...

Here are a few, some real and some make believe:

Sew Much Fun
A Scarlet Thread
Bits and Bobbins
Wish Upon a Quilt
Sew Blessed

Thanks for the chance to win.

Angela said...

You have a lot of great names here!
I just want to say "thanks" and I cannot wait to make something terrific with my new fabrics!
Keep up your great work!

Patty said...

Great list!

Plain and simple quilts
Wish upon a quilt
Whistle quilt shop
Corner quilt store

The first three are real.

Patty said...

Great list!

Plain and simple quilts
Wish upon a quilt
Whistle quilt shop
Corner quilt store

The first three are real.

quiltgrammy said...

Needle in a Haystack
Heavenly Kneads and Threads
Silver Thread and Golden Needles
A Stitch in Time
Country Fabrics

All real quilt shops

Colleen said...

My favourite on your list is Rumpled Quiltskins - which I have been to, and it's a lovely store!

Here's my list:
Sew You Love to Quilt
Thimble Pleasures
Kickass Country Store
Stitch in the Ditch
A Quilters Playground

Maria Kievit said...

Love the idea of names: And to Linda, there is a real store close to my place called the Quilting Bee! So you might not be able to use that one anymore....lol
Now for the others:
Cotton's galore
Quilting and such
Fabric Heaven
Quilty goodness
Quilts and more.
Thanks for the giveaway

Gwen said...

Hmm... how about:

On Pins and Needles
Sew Much Fabric
Calico Kitty's Quilt Shoppe
Seams Like Olde Times
Sew Forth and Sew On

:-) That was fun! :-)

Janet said...

Bear`s Paw Quilts (my local store)
The Rushin` Tailor (Alaskan store on the panhandle where there is a lot of Russian influence)
The Sew and Sew Shop
Quilting Fever
There is Never Enough Fabric

Foolish Feathers said...

The Quilt Asylum
Sew Be Stitched
Fabric Playland
Quilters Connection
From The Land of Cotton
Black Bears and Fabric

Some real some are made up...

~Kelie~ said...

Well this one is a bit easier than last weeks!
The ones I'd pick are
Sew in Seams
Just A Quarter Inch
Press It
Crinkles After Drying
Bind This

Those r just off the top off my head, if there is a shop with this name I am not aware of it. Hope you like them!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Kim said...

Loving all of the names!

1. Quilter's Dream
2. Sew Inspired
3. Quilting by the Yard
4. Joyful Quilter
5. Seams Pieceful

Mhairi said...

My shop would be called:
Ask Forgiveness.
I had a great name last week and can't remember it now. Should have written it down.
My favourite quilt shops are:
Quilt Fabric Delights (online and awesome)
Stitch'n'Bits - say it carefully!!
Stitch in Time

I have enjoyed reading other peoples ideas and the names of local shops.

Barbara said...

Thread Connection
Common Thread
Quiltzen Jammers
Itchin to Stitch

Bobbie said...

Quilter's Garden
Quilter's Quarters
Cottage Garden Quilts
The Quilt Barn
Quilter's Attic

all real names!

Dresden Quilter said...

Quilter's Palette
Quilt and Stitch
Mad about Patchwork
Wilton Creek Fabrics
Garden Thyme

Thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Here are my five!

The Quilted Apple
Loose Threads
Pieceful Stitches
Patchwork Pig
The Scrap Basket

These are all real ones.

Samantha said...

Oh! What a lovely game!

Calico Caboose (what I would name my quilt shop if I had one)
Cats & Quilts (would have lots of ceramic kitties!)
Gramma's Attic (since my Gramma always had lots of good fabric and quilts in her attic)
Squares & Things (self explanatory)
The Quilters Roost (would have a coffee/tea shop so you could sit and visit too!)

Can you tell that I've thought of this before? :D

Michele T said...

Here is a list of Canadian Quilt Shops that are fun:

Gone To Pieces Quilt Shop
Mad About Patchwork
The Old Crow
Running Stitch
Quilty Pleasures
Bear Paws Quilts

Thanks for the chance!!

Michele T said...

Here is a list of Canadian Quilt Shops that are fun:

Gone To Pieces Quilt Shop
Mad About Patchwork
The Old Crow
Running Stitch
Quilty Pleasures
Bear Paws Quilts

Thanks for the chance!!

Ginny said...

What a fun game!

Pieced Together
A Quilt of Many Colors
Fabric and Friends
Caroline's Cottage Cottons
Sewing Treasures

and The Chocolate Thimble!

hueisei said...

Gone with the quilt
World of the quilt
Transform quilt
The sounds of the quilt
Forever quilt

Haha...my own naming :)

Josie McRazie said...

1)Gone to Pieces
2)A Stitch in Time
3)Quilts By the OZ
4)Gruber's Quilt Shop
5)The Quit Shoppe

PJ said...

So Many Quilts
Cotton Pickin'
Stitch in Time
Pins & Needles
Gathering Fabric


April said...

Well, Let's see:

1. Fabric to the Fanny? or maybe Fanny to the Fabric? (I imagine stacks of fabric as high as someone's fanny, but if I have to explain it then...well...maybe not)

2.Luscious Linens

3.Chop Shop Fabrics

4.Patchwork Garden

5.Sew Stitching Sweet

Thanks! Love your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

red house quilting
sew and sew quilts
sew much fun
cotton patch

I love some of the names given previously.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

There used to be a quilt store near here called The Quilted Turtle.

Unknown said...

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