Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day...looking back...and a bit of "cheese"

FIRST!!!  I want to wish all of the
Mothers "out there"
May you feel like a QUEEN today!!!


WARNING!! the following comments may be WAY too
CHEEEZEEE for your taste! 

My MOM...

I think that she is 24 years old or so in this picture.
She told me that she smiled with her lips closed in most
of her pictures because she was embarrassed of her crooked
 teeth.  I don't remember them being that bad. But, I guess
she felt they were bad enough to hide them in photos.  My
Mom grew up VERY poor.  She had only 2 dresses to wear to
 elementary school, a pair of oxfords without shoe laces, and no
no socks. The later caused my mom to have feet blisters regularly.
 A nice "older" lady the lived down the street came to visit my
mom's house one day...bringing with her a new pair of oxfords,
with shoe laces and several pairs of new white socks.  My mom
My mom never forgot this lady's thoughtful kindness.
When her father left the family, my mom had to quit her second
year in high school to work in a coffee factory along with her mother
to support...her mom, her brother and herself.
My mom might be considered by many, as
"One TOUGH Cookie".  
Sometimes, life's circumstances affects how our personality
develops.  Looking back on all the hard knocks  that
my mom was put through in her life...
TOUGHNESS is what helped to get her through it all. 

She did have a side of her that taught me to be aware
of those...who might be less fortunate.  One incident
I remember clearly.  I was in 2nd grade.  I always packed
a lunch that my mom made from home.  I didn't like the
school's hot lunches.  It seems odd to think about it now...
but, we lined up all of our "from home" lunches on a
table just outside of the classroom entry door.  Our names
were to be clearly written on the lunch containers. After
first recess, on this particular day...I came back to find that
my lunch had been stolen.  I was sad that someone would
steal from me. I didn't go hungry, several friends shared some
 of their food with me at lunch time.  When I went home that
day to lament to my mom that my lunch had been stolen, her 
 words to me were..."Don't feel angry or sad about it.  They
probably needed the lunch more than you did."

My mom and I were very extremely different in many ways.
And, as I got older, the difference in our personalities
seemed to separate us more and more.  I always loved her.
But, it was hard for each of us to see the other's point of view.
I am just beginning now to understand why she saw things as
she did.  She's been gone about 12 years.  I wish that I could
tell her..."I understand and I love her..." in spite of our
differences.  I'll just have to hope that there is a possibility
she understands my feelings as I've grown to see her with
much better understanding...and an appreciation of
the things she did for me while she was here.

================ for some current...
During this week...some fun things came in the
mail for me, for Mother's Day.

Some beautiful carnations and a really
cool geometric shaped vase.

ummmm, YUM, Baklava is one of my favorite sweets!

And...what a fun card! ...especially with
the special words...and, artwork!

Thank you! ...K-I-D-S...for
taking the time out of your REALLY busy schedules
to think of MOM.  =)
=== going to be a really relaxing, quiet day.
The weather and temperatures are great...
I get to lolly-gag around and do whatever I chose.

How about YOU?  What's on the schedule for


Quilty Conscience said...

Loved your Mom story. Thanks for sharing. Toni

sunny said...

What a great story. I'm sure your mom knew how much you loved her, and appreciated what a great woman you became. Happy Mother's Day!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Great story it. First I want to tell you in case you didn't read the post on Friday...the package arrived with the blue FQs and the extra...lovely little card too. Thank you so very it all!!

I know exactly what you mean about your Mom...I am the same with mine; love her to death, but we are very different and don't do anything together. But I reassure her that I am here if she needs me.
Today she is in the hospital with a broken hip; at 88 years old.

Glad you are having a relaxed Mothers Day..mine was too. Had calls from all my boys; and dinner out with hubby. Very nice day.

Christine M said...

Thanks for sharing that special story about your mother Annie. She sounds like a very special person. I hope had a lovely Mother's Day. Hugs, Christine

Teresa in Music City said...

What an amazing woman your mom was Annie! I know that people who came up in such poverty are often very hard people to get close to. My stepfather is that way. It does something to you I think to go through that. I am glad that you have come to a place of understanding her better and growing in your love for her. Love is eternal and I am sure she is well aware of your love even today :*)

Chatty Crone said...

I guess when you grow up - you appreciate your mother - but you become yourself.
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Love, sandie

Perfectly Printed said...

Happy Mother's Day!! What wonderful kids you have and a wonderful mother!

Terri said...

Annie that was a sweet story about your mom!

Anonymous said...

Loved your mom story, and the picture. I think all of us understand our mothers more as we age. When we're young, we're trying so hard to establish our own separate identity and not make the mistakes they made with us. Which works. We make our own. =) As we grow older, we can see their point of view more clearly.

Church was about it for me today! And eating, of course. There's always eating! But healthy stuff, naturally!

Josie McRazie said...

I, too miss my Mother (gone 8 years) and wish I could sit down with her once more. My Baby Brother surprised me and came to IL from TX!! (he is working here for the next 2 weeks)! Surprise!!!

Linda said...

What a wonderful tribute to your mother! I hope your mother's day was wonderful! Mine was quiet since my sons are scattered on both coasts, but it was nice talking to them on the phone!