Friday, May 11, 2012

Quilt shows and Buffets?...and HMQS show pics

What do large quilt shows and, say...a Las Vegas Buffet
...have in common? 
Well, for me, they are both a bit overwhelming.
At a buffet, I usually eat more than I should of foods that are
probably not all that good for me.
At a quilt show, I usually spend more money on things
that I probably don't really "need"
At a buffet...the visual of all of the food choices are
stimulation that almost makes me want to try one of
...even tho logic is shouting that my stomach
can't hold it all
...even if I ate slowly throughout the entire day
At a quilt show, most of the quilts on display are made with
extroidinary talents, time and effort that many times, my
 inadequacies mushroom in my head.
And, then, there are all the many different projects, to buy,
to try...that even if I had TWO lifetimes, I would never
be able to complete all of the projects that I've purchased over
 the years...BUT,  I'm still wanting to BUY MORE...yikes! 
Am I being a crazy pessimist?  Am I the only one
with this perspective?
ok...enough...I need hush my qualms.

Sandy, Utah
Below are just a mini tidbit of the wonderful quilts displayed
at the HMQS.  I apologize for some blurry photos.


The following  4 pictures are ALL the same pattern.  They
 ALL used Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  It was AMAZING to me that
 the quilts ALL looked SO different.

Again...I'm really sorry that these are soo blurry =(

These are both fun quilts all made with Denim fabrics


This was a really cool use of a large Asian print...

This was a FUN quilt with lots of details!

and...lots of shiny threads and glitz!


This was sooo amazing!  Lots of blender and
batik fabrics with rough edge applique!!  WOW!!

The entire quilt picture was too blurry to use in this post.
But, this was another really fun quilt!  It was very bright
and cheery.  It almost looks like applique...but, instead it's
outlines with painted insides.  A bit like a coloring book, only
WAY more interesting.  And can you see that small
swirls of machine quilting?  PRETTY!

This quilt used all batiks except for the background,
which was a very soft, pretty blender fabric.

There was a whole row of GLORIOUS quilts
with "out-of-this-world" quilting...all quilted by
the quilter Extroidinaire...

I had my friend put her hand in front (not on, I promise)
so that you could see how small and fine the quilting is.


There were sooo many more quilts!  Many just as beautiful
as the ones above!!  But, it might have taken a week of
posts to actually do justice to all of the quilts that were displayed.

I'm just gonna put on my "ROSE COLORED" ,
optimistic glasses with the hope that my simple nine-patches
and large half-square triangle quilts...will be loved as
much as the BLUE RIBBON ones  =).



Tangos Treasures said...

WOW great pictures & totally agree!!

Sheila said...

BEAUTIFUL QUILTS. I especially liked the Kaffe Fassett fabric quilts!

Mary Ann said...

Thank you for the close-ups of the beautiful machine I'm hungry for crab legs! :-)

suemac said...

I love how the Kaffe Fassett print quilts all look different. You can appreciate an artist at work but that does not mean you can't enjoy your hobby at whatever level you are at. I still do fairly simple quilts and my kids love them just as much as if they were works of art.

Anonymous said...

I Love, Love, LOVE those chickens! Thank you for sharing so many wonderful pictures of the show. I also buy things I don't need, at shows and on shop hops. However, I find that eventually most things wind up being just the right thing! I refer to it as my 401F. =)

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures from HMQS. I've always wanted to go but it's too far for me. Maybe someday! I really enjoyed seeing your pictures.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

"I'm just gonna put on my "ROSE COLORED" ,
optimistic glasses with the hope that my simple nine-patches
and large half-square triangle quilts...will be loved as
much as the BLUE RIBBON ones =)."

Me, too!!! =D

The rainbow quilt with the circle of flowers...That one makes my heart go pitter=pat!! I really need to make a rainbow quilt. I love them...

Karen M said...

Thanks for sharing those photos. Even the blurry ones give a good idea of what award winning quilts look like. I have to dream about being able to do something like that too.

Barb Neiwert said...

Glad you posted pics because I had so little time I didn't get to see many of the quilts. I did see the Kaffe Fassett quilts and they were amazing! I spent too much time in classes (amazing again) and buying up products. Oh, you shouldn't worry - I've no doubt our nine patches will be loved dearly!

Emma said...

Your quilts will be USED and loved. Theirs will be admired and loved. I think that is an important distinction. I'd rather have something that was used and loved than something that sits around and looks nice but isn't useful. I'm a practical person, though, so maybe it's just me...

Unknown said...

I didn't attend the HMQS this go 'round so I loved seeing all the pictures in this post. I'm sure the recipients of your nine-patches would find them very ribbon-worthy.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

My favorite is the first photo of the machine and quilt and chocolates. Love those rose colored glasses. I don't mind not being an award winning quilter. My quilts are loved and valued by the people I make them for. That counts more to me.