Thursday, November 15, 2012

My first...

FINISHED...pair of socks!
I did the top down, knit 2/Purl 2 for the ribbing. 
And, for the heel
  I chose Cat Bordhi's method called "Sweet Tomato Heel". 
Wowza puhlooza! It was sooo much easier than any of the other heel
methods that I've tried over the years.  I would get so discouraged doing
heels that I didn't want to start another sock, hence, quite a few unfinished
socks.  Not anymore.  I LUV this method.  And, besides being easier to
remember and do, it fits so much better.  It's more rounded like a person's heel.
I used markers...a LOT.  But, it made it easier and quicker for me
to keep track of where I was, especially if I had to set the project down
and come back to it later.
  Feeling more confident with the second heel,
I tried knitting without the space makers...oops! I think I will be using
 all the (many) markers for a few more sock heels =). 
Okay...they isn't all that perfect.  But, meez feetz luvs them.  =)
I've found it's fun to have a pair of "In-Progress" socks handy in
my purse or easy to grab when running out the door.  I can knit
as a passenger in the car, in the doctor's office or other waiting times.
It's a small project and is easily carried around.   
Any of you knit?  Do you do socks?  If you do knit...what are your
favorite things to knit? 


Chiska said...

Cute socks! Great job!! I always have to learn something about 10 times before it sticks--I'm on about #3 with knitting and socks scare me. My Mom's coming this week though so maybe in between baby loving and eating we can sneak a few minutes with some yarn. I want to make a shawl froma a pattern at Rythym of the Home they posted in last fall's edition for my little big girl.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I haven't knitted in years - and never socks! I did crochet when the kids were babies, but not since.

Linda said...

Thanks for sharing. I have tried socks...once....didnt get past the first heel. I will give this method a try. Maybe it will work for me too.

Anonymous said...

i knit lots of scarfs Annie i have also knitted baby booties but never socks.xx

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I don't knit or crochet, but, I'm fascinated with people making socks. I love fun socks! Great colors you chose.

Char said...

I haven't been able to learn to knit after trying for years. I do crochet almost every night while watching TV. Socks are next on my list. Right now I'm making lots of shawls and shawlettes, scarves and cowls. I've been bitten by the hand painted yarn bug!

ritainalaska said...

nice sox! will have to look up cat's 'sweet tomato' heel. yours look good! i used to make a few sox once in a while, but then i came across 2-at-a-time sox on one circular needle and loved making them. maybe 50-60 pair in the last three years. lately i'm using pattens with 'traveling' stitches and find that intriguing. am also making shawls and sweaters. mostly, i quilt.

Sheila said...

Your socks look great, girl! GOOD for you!

Sarah Craig said...

Love love love those socks! I can knit, but don't enjoy it, so I don't. My grandmother believed every young woman should know how to sew, knit, crochet and do needlework....

Chatty Crone said...

Those socks are adorable! sandie

SewCalGal said...

Very cute. I can't believe these are your first socks. They look so professional. Gorgeous. Enjoy.


Chris H said...

Well done, they look so lovely and warm.

Chartreuse Moose said...

Woohoo! The heels have been my sock so looking forward to trying the "Sweet Tomato Heel" and having some warm toes! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Love the yarn, and the socks look wonderful!

Love Of Quilts said...

Hope You All Had A Very Happy Thanksgiving.

Mistea said...

Love those socks. Will go check out that heel construction.

I revisited socks this year and I have to say I am loving the process. I have been trying different toe and heel combinations and my toes are very happy.

Enjoy the socks and knitting.