Thursday, December 6, 2012

Howz your Holiday Countdown going?

Are you all done with your Christmas shopping?
...barely started, kind of in the middle?
I'm almost finished buying presents thanks to the
ability to shop online.  Whew, saved gas, time...and
lots of foot aching.
I've been up to some other forms of mischief tho, besides
buying fun stuff online...
Ida (the long arm) and I quilted  a couple of small lap quilts
 for that a long distance friend, who asked me to do for her.
Did a bit of shopping with DH, (well, it was more of just a nice
walking experience because we didn't really buy anything) the new Traverse Mountain Outlet stores.  There is a cute
50's style coffee shop called Johnny Rockets
We enjoyed some yummy food and 50's music from the jukebox.
Doing a little bit of spinning on my Pocket Wheel.  This fiber is
70% alpaca and 30% silk.  It spins into a pretty yarn but...
boy!..was it "fly-away" stuff! 
And...I've been doing some playing on Bertha (big Bernina).
It's a machine embroidered pattern called Pillow Talk from
There are a group of seasons in the one pattern.  They are
so fun to do...yep, I would consider them addicting! 
...sewing on a stripe binding.
So (or SEW)...what have YOU been up to lately?
How are you doing with Holiday preparations?....what do you
do to keep a bit of relaxation in all of the holiday commotion?


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the Holiday banner. You have so much going on. I finished the last of my in-store shopping and waiting on one last on-line order to arrive (maybe today). I plan on wrapping thru the weekend and then I can relax the rest of the month!! Watch holiday movies, listen to 'sounds of the season', and maybe a hot toddy or two.

busyascanbe said...

Wow you have been so busy! I bet you had a blast. I have only started the shopping for the Grandkids...just can't think of anything for my kids. But I am having fun looking!
Happy Shopping,

Anonymous said...

love that xmas wall hanging Annie,well done you have been very busy.xx

Mama Bell said...

Amazing machine embroidery and yarn spinning. Someday I will just come and watch and learn! Thanks for sharing.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness - you are more talented then I ever dreamed a person could be! Yikes. I didn't even know there were all those kinds of machines.

Have a good day. Sandie

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

All the decorations that are going up, have been up since shortly after Thanksgiving. I got tired of putting them up, and stopped when I got to the bottom of a few boxes. We did have to dig to find the stockings and hangers. I'm taking a break from hand and machine quilting 9 mini quilts, that will be gifts. I've made the binding, and still need to sew it on. I have 3 other projects that must be done before Christmas, too.

LimeRiot said...

You have been busy!! What a good elf you are, creating so many beautiful things :). The spinning you're doing looks especially gorgeous.

suemac said...

Love the embroidery. So cute.

Sarah Craig said...

Pretty stuff, Miss Annie! Love that "words" banner - so cute!! I finally finished the southwestern quilt for my hubby's assistant, now it's on to a wall hanging for my in-laws, then finishing up three quilts, a nightgown, and maybe one more wall hanging. Plus ministry quilts..... I guess there's no rest for the wicked!!

Linda said...

I spent the weekend doing some shopping with my hubby. (Actually, some of the time he sat in the car reading on his Kindle while I shopped for the "girls" in the family.)He grabbed a few tools for the "guys" and was done! :( Oh well, the tools will go in a tool box and the gifts I bought will be loved!
Your projects look pretty interesting! I think you're having too much fun! (Very nice work!)

Sandra said...

Looks like Ida and Bertha have helped you make some awesome Christmas gifts! Love that striped binding on the embroidery project. Reminds me of candy canes:)

Granny Annie said...

You are amazing and I enjoy popping in on you occasionally. Merry Christmas!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Love the machine embroidery! Hope you had a great Christmas x