Thursday, January 31, 2013

A friendly-fiber "Outlaw" retreat

On January 17th, I left my home about 9am to embark on a weekend like I've never had before.  I talked myself out of going at least 100 times in the previous weeks. The weather around my home was in the teens during midday for the past week.  Where I was going was going to be even colder. I was sure (almost) that it would be lots of fun,  even if it was a bit of a drive to get to the destination AND, that I had wanted to pack up and load into my car a great DEAL of crap stuff -  to make it more comfortable and more fun.  I'm the kind of person that says, "YES"to a party a few seconds after I discover the information.  Then, after a few days, I start to think about all the negatives...talking myself into how it might be more work than fun.  Do you ever do that?  Or am I just weird??? (don't answer yes to the weird part so fast!)

There were 3 of us in car and (almost) enough stuff for an entire Boy Scout Troup!  But, it was ALL necessary important (sorta). After a windy and bit icy, 2 1/2 hour drive we arrived at the fairly small college campus.  We found the building where we were to "camp".  It was a clean, carpeted, large multipurpose room with full service kitchen attached.  We were quite glad to find a VERY nice male college student who happily asked if we needed any help to take our stuff from the car and into the multipurpose room.  We happily replied, "Oh, yes...thank you".  Several trips in the literally freezing temps and it was all in.

In hindsight, I am so very-VERY glad that I talked my "not-so-sure" self into taking advantage of this wonderful weekend of relaxing, fiber-licious fun!  Below are some pictures of the "way it was" =D

Julie and Danielle are dragging out the racks of folding chairs to use as dividers.  We divided the room, one side for sleeping and the other side for chatting, watching movies and our fiber antics.
Utah State University...a branch in Roosevelt, Utah
There's my white blow up mattress, all dressed up to be comfy =) 

An overhead view or the "bedroom area" 
Here is the wonderful kitchen, dishwasher, stove, microwave, all the perks of home! puppies were aloud.  But, I nabbed the chance to hold this sweetness until his new (human) mom arrived to take him home.  
The was the 2-table long/2-table wide set up FULL of prizes for the regular drawing!!!  Everyone that came to the retreat was to bring at least 6 gift items for the table.
There were soooo many fun things it was really hard to choose when my name was drawn.
Oh! and here is just the start of the goodies/muchies counter.  By the time everyone arrived, there were twice as many "dangerous" foods =P.
The circle of friends and fiber fun

There were many different kinds of spinning wheels.
Some ladies were spinning and some were knitting too.
The long knitted item on the floor was a combination of rows that were knitted by different people and then attached together.  This is only about half (or less) of the finished length.  It was part of a "yarn bombing" in a nearby city a few days later.  It became a 58 foot-long scarf for a huge pink dinosaur.  (Click HERE to see pictures of the Dino and read more about the yarn bombing)

This yummy fiber is called "Confetti".  I bought it from one of the merchants that
was there to sell her luscious wares.  (Dangerous for the wallet)
50% soft Merino wool and 50% tussah silk
A bit of it spun onto my Pocket Wheel.
Here is one strand of what will eventually be a 3-ply yarn.  I am planning to do 2 thin strands and one thicker one.  The plan is to create a chunky textured yarn for a fun neck warmer. 
We stayed up up early.  We had good food, lots of funny and friendly conversations.  We watched a couple of good movies in the two evenings while relaxing in our PJs. We made new friends and won fun prizes.  It was a great experience that I'm sooo glad I had the opportunity to enjoy.  (...and, to think I almost talked myself into not going).
Saturday morning we took down, packed up, had a late breakfast and headed for home about 1:30.  I have to admit it took this old body of mine a few days to recuperate.  But, it was worth any inconveniences that it might of cost for all of the pleasant memories deposited in my memory bank.
Thanks to the Fiber Outlaws Spinning group who organized the wonderful events of the weekend!
**Don't forget about the giveaway!  click HERE for more info, ends 2.3.13


suemac said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. Glad you decided to go.

regan said...

Looks like a ton of fun! I'm so glad you went!

While looking at your pics, I was on the one of the Confetti braid, and my hubby happened to walk by. He said, "Is that rug braiding you're looking at?" (which I do) and I said, "No, it fiber for spinning." And he emphatically said, "NO!" as in.....No, you can't get involved in a new craft!

:o( Waaaaa!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

It looks like you had a ton of fun! I'm glad you didn't talk yourself out of going too. Have fun with your new fibers!

Chatty Crone said...

I thought you meant fiber you meant fiber!!!!!!!! lol

Pattilou said...

That is some retreat! Looks like you had fun. I know what you mean about not leaving your house during our crazy winter.

KatieQ said...

I have to admit, I am the same way. I like the idea of going places, but when the time comes I usually find an excuse not to go. I'm glad you went, it definitely looks like fun.