Saturday, January 5, 2013

Is failure part of success?

She become richer than the Queen of England overnight. 

But it didn't really happen "overnight".  She started out penniless, recently divorced, and raising a child on her own.   She wrote her first book on an old manual typewriter sometime in the early 1990s.  Twelve publishers rejected the manuscript! A year later she was given the green light by Barry Cunningham from Bloomsbury, who agreed to publish the book but insisted she get a day job cause there was no money in children’s books.  Can you guess who this famous author is?  I'll give you a bit more time to think and give you the answer a bit latter in the blog post.

So...why is this story be important to losing some pounds and/or working to become healthier?  To me, it's just one example of what some people call "failure".   The more years added to my old pea-brain, it becomes clearer how failure (or stumbling blocks to success) can make us stronger.  When I  take time to really look at my stumbling blocks. I can usually figure our a positive way to get around it or break it up so it disappears.  As I start a new year, I want to look back on last year's stumbling blocks to learn what I can change to do better so I can live healthier.

How about you?  Are you looking for more success in the new year...on a quest for better health?

Have you guessed yet who the lady is that started out penniless, and became "richer than the Queen of England"?  It's JK Rowling.  The lady who wrote the Harry Potter books.  What would've happened if she looked at her situation and told herself she wasn't "author" material?  Or what if she had given up after the 10th or even the 11th regection? 

15 Healthy Grab-and-Go Snacks//11. Individual-Size Cheese with Fruit  c Mitch Mandel/Thomas MacDonald
This is a great "Grab-n-Go" snack. 
I like to use Laughing Cow string cheese and apple but, grapes are good too!
Do you have a favorite, healthy "Grab-n-Go" snack or snacks?

Ruby's Report
Food - I did really well with food choices this week, no sugar or junk foods.  I could've eaten
         more fruits and veggies. 
Exercise - I've back tracked from last summer.  I'm only doing 1.5 miles for 6 days on my
          treadmill. It took me 3 weeks of 6 days to go from 1 mile to 1.5.  UGH!!! back tracking
          is ugly!
Weight -  down 1.8 this week from last. -- I put back on weight since last summer =(...sniff
          sniff!  But, I've gotten about 5 of it off in the last several weeks.
I would love to hear from YOU.  Sharing your thoughts and ideas can help and motivate
others who might come to read the blog post... =)


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love to have sliced apples and cheese for a quick snack, too. Maybe even a triscuit or two thrown in. I am looking into a swim program for low-stress impact for my knees/hips - to help divert replacements!

Anonymous said...

i am in the same boat ,i would also ,love some ideas.xx

Chatty Crone said...

Is failure part of success? YES - I do not think you can success unless you experience a lot of failure.

Have you head of the Readers Digest Diet? I am going to start that on Monday.

You can do it.


Cynthia said...

After spending Aug. and Sept. eating right (no sweets or salty snacks, and smaller meal portions), with daily weights exercise, I was somewhat happy with my new size. This was all in prep for our Oct. tropical vaca. Now, after the 2 major food holidays, I've gained some back and haven't returned to the practices that worked for me. What a dummy :-/ It's time to STOP NOW! Right after I finish the choc.-covered strawberries...I promise!

Love Of Quilts said...

Wish you all the luck in the world...I don't have the will power needed at this time. I JUST HAS A CHOC BAR EARLYER TONIGHT.

Granny Annie said...

Recovering from my second heart attack, I am wearing a Zoll Life Vest. While I am exercising and going to cardiac rehab, I have not been making good food choices and I think that is because I know the Vest will save me if I have an episode. Thankfully I slapped myself in the face yesterday and said "Wake up girl" and will get back to watching my food intake.

Dr. Seuss also was rejected by many publishers before he begged a friend to publish CAT IN THE HAT. Margaret Mitchell was also turned down by many before one accepted GONE WITH THE WIND. Whether or not WE like our work should be the driving force,

Chartreuse Moose said...

Oh my, how inspiring to think that so many successful people were not recognized or even chided for their lack of skills! Great pep talk for all of us...thank you so much for sharing! Good luck on the new eating healthy/living works...just takes time and keeping good things handy! Hugs!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I like pretzels for munching. I can eat them slowly, they fill me up, and, no greasy stuff near my quilting fabrics. Hey, I see you follow I Piece 2 Mary. She's a friend of mine, in one of my guilds, and we stitch together most Thursdays at our LQS. Small world.