Saturday, January 26, 2013

On My Weigh 1.26.13

I really goofed up the On My Weigh post for this week.  UGH!, early this morning, I went in to the draft posts and worked with one of the posts that I had already written.  One that was supposed to go up last Saturday (the 19th).  I was making additions, spiffying it all up!  I was writing in all of the Ruby's report for the last two weeks, since my internet was down last weekend.  And, I was out of town and off the internet for several days before that.  Then...when I tried to "publish" it, it wasn't uploading???
What?  How come?  Is blogger being all stupid again?  What the heck??
No way!  That was ME who did it??? 
The post went up "on time" just as I had set it to do...and forgot.  O shoot and darn it all.  So all the leetle additions I put in the post are now posted in PAST tense!
"WAY...TO...GO!...miss smarty-pants!"
(The information below was copied and pasted from last week's *updated* post.) 
Ruby's Report (2 weeks)
Food - (1) I wasn't a good as I could've been with food choices when I went the retreat, a weekend ago. There were LOTS of fun/sweet/fattening munchies setting out at all times. I did turn down things, only having minimal treats. But, I still want to try better in the face of food temptations next time I'm faced with the goodies.  
           (2) This (current) last week I was much better. But, I was in my routine and
there weren't any real temptations.
Exercise - (1) I did have the opportunity to use a treadmill a the retreat I went to (the previous weekend I did both mornings - 1.6 and 1.2. It helped that I took my walking shoes to motivate me. I also had a book to read while on the treadmill.
                -(2) This past week I did get on every day at least 1.5 miles. A few days were 2 miles. I'm still trying to get back to 2 miles/6 days a week. I was there before. I can do it again (at least that's what I'm telling myself!)
Weight (loss?) - I gained 1lb after the retreat. But, this week I am down 1.2
How have things been going for you? =) I would LUV to hear your comments.  It's always encouraging to hear your thoughts and ideas.




doodlebugmom said...

This week has been tough for me. Not sure if its pms or menopause or just no self control. But I have been craving sweets (and indulging, ugh!). I won't even go near the scale til Wednesday. So I still have a few days to get back on track. I hope!!

suemac said...

I am trying to motivate myself. When I was out of town two weeks ago I exercised at the hotel each day. Last week was minimal. I need to get back in the groove and take my Christmas weight off.

LimeRiot said...

You always find the best photos to share with your posts, Annie :). The animals made me giggle today.

Isn't it nice to be able to read and exercise at the same time? I do that on our exercise bike and it really helps the time pass.

I've lost 2 of the 5 lbs I put on over the holiday season. I'd like to lose another 8. It's gotten so much harder to get the lbs to fall off now that I'm getting a bit older.

Emma said...

I've been making a lot of changes with my diet lately, so I haven't weighed since two weeks ago, where I had gained back from my just-got-back-from-Afghanistan weight of 140-145 (at a height of 5'10.5") to 157.

I've gone Paleo (in the sense that I'm not eating grains, potatoes, added sugar, or dairy, not that I've turned into a cavewoman or anything crazy!) and am eating WAY more meats, veggies, and about the same on fruits. I've been at it a week now, and I'm rather loving it. I had cravings for a few days, but I haven't cheated (I'm on a 30 day challenge) yet and am noticing I feel better. My mind is clearer than ever and the food really can be delicious. I've got a 9x13 and 9x9 pan of veggies roasting right now, and pulled pork in the crock pot. I made from-scratch sausage patties, I've got an amazing mashed sweet potato too, with coconut milk for creaminess and cinnamon/nutmeg/ground cloves for flavoring.

So far, I'm planning on eating this way for much longer than the 30 days I'm going to try to do this initially. I might have two weeks in the near future where maintaining strict adherence to the rules won't be easy or possibly will be impossible, when I'm travelling, but I'm going to try my darnedest!

Chatty Crone said...

If you can go on a retreat and have food all around you and only gain 1 pound - I think you did great!

Beth in MN said...

Annie, I have so enjoyed checking out your "On My Weight" blog posts. The dogs are hilarious. We all need to have humor when struggling with weight.
Beth in MN

Anonymous said...

I love this post. I love your sense of humor. And I love that your weight bounces, just like mine. =) Thanks for the motivation!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I've not been weighing on a regular basis lately, but, last time I weighed (last week, I think) I was only up 2.5lbs since early November. It's fluctuated over the past 3 months, but, 2.5lbs for the holidays isn't bad at all. My pants are getting looser.