Saturday, January 19, 2013

On My Weigh. What's your Mantra?

I really didn't know what this word meant until I was surfing cyberspace for motivational ideas for today.  I found the information below:
Recite Positive Mantras
A mantra is a sound, word or phrase that is repeated with the purpose of stimulating transformation. The word mantra is a Sanskrit term and is translated to mean an instrument of change. Mantras are associated with Hindu and Buddhist religious practices, and they are also recited during meditation. Create a positive mantra that you can recite daily to stay tuned into the goals you have set for yourself. During the process of losing weight, you will experience periods of time where you lose weight more easily and notice more positive changes with your body compared to other times when your progress may seem slow. Congratulate yourself for remaining dedicated and committed to the effort rather than focusing on (just) the end result.

"I'm healthy!
I need to choose only foods that are healthy"

"I like to move!  It's fun!
I feel so much better when I do"

It's hard for me to say good things to myself.  I feel if I do, then, I might get laxie-daizie about what I should do.  I'm gonna try to recite a Mantra each morning for this following week.  I'll have to let you know how it goes.  =)   Do you ever say good things to  yourself? 

Food Ideas ---  Help with eating out
If you know you are going to a certain restaurant for a meal, try to check online to look at the menu.  Many restaurants and fast food places have menus online.  You can check out the calorie/carb/fat counts or Weight Watcher points BEFORE you go.  That way you can have menu items in mind to choose from.  If most of the menu items are really high in calories and/or points, decide ahead that you will divide the food portions in half and maybe save left overs for another meal.  Eat some fruit or other healthy choice before you go, so that you don't arrive to the outing in starving-mode. 

Some helpful links -

Weight Watchers

Calories (etc)

Ruby's Report (2 weeks)
Food - (1) I wasn't a good as I could've been with food choices when I went the retreat,
            a weekend ago.  There were LOTS of fun/sweet/fattening munchies setting
            out at all times.  I did turn down things, only having minimal treats.  But, I
            still want to try better in the face of food temptations next time I'm faced
            with the goodies. 
         - (2) This (current) last week I was much better.  But, I was in my routine and
             there weren't any real temptations.
Exercise - (1) I did have the opportunity to use a treadmill a the retreat I went to (the
                 previous weekend I did both mornings - 1.6 and 1.2.  It helped that I
                 took my walking shoes to motivate me. I also had a book to read while
                 on the treadmill.
          -(2) This past week I did get on every day at least 1.5 miles.  A few days were
              2 miles.  I'm still trying to get back to 2 miles/6 days a week.  I was there
              before.  I can do it again (at least that's what I'm telling myself!)
Weight (loss?) - I gained 1lb after the retreat.  But, this week I am down 1.2
 How have things been going for you?  =)  I would LUV to hear your comments.  We can encourage
each other if we share what's working and what's not.  =)
Don't forget to hug yourself.  It's good practice for
when you want to hug others.  =)

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KatieQ said...

This is my third week on the Curves Complete plan. Unfortunately, I also had the flu during this time so I wasn't able to exercise. Over the 3 weeks I have lost 8.5 lbs. I hope I can keep it up.