Sunday, February 3, 2013

A new kid on the block

Friday started quite nicely.  I went to get my hair done.  I really like going because I get to chat with one of the nicest young girls!  And, it's oh-so relaxing to have someone else wash and blow dry my hair.  =)

I was done about 12:30 so I was off to meet a good friend at a new local yarn shop.

This "new kid on the block" a REALLY fun place to visit.  It's bright and cheery inside
with fun decor and whimsical ways to display stuff.
It's called Knittin' Pretty. 
They are located in West Jordan, Utah
I wish I would've taken a picture from the outside.  But, it's sooo much cuter
on the inside anyway!

This is the right side of the store when you walk in the front door.  You can see the table and chairs in the forefront,  good for sitting down to do handwork and visiting.  Aren't the bicycles on the top cute filled with the baskets of goodies? 
This is an up close view of part of the right side, lots of fun needlework "toys".
There's a back area with lots more fiber-eee goodies.  They have some fiber for
spinning that is hand-dyed.  This is side (1) of the back area.
This is a partial picture of side (2) opposite of side one. 
Aaaaah, look at all the colors!
Uh...OH...they better keep an EYE on me when I'm in the back room.
 I better not tell the owners how much I love frogs.  It's a possibility
that these cute frogs might want to "escape" to live at my house!??

Left side partial view.  There's a nice bookshelf with a good collection
of fiber-related books.  I LOVE books!
purchased this one...
I quite excited about several most of the projects in the book,
 starting with the pretty scarf on the cover (above)
I was thinking this could be pretty in brown and taupe
...and even with a few beads and/or little sparkly things here and there.
This elegant/light vest could be soo pretty over-top a short
(maybe puffed) sleeve blouse. 
...or, maybe over a pretty summer princess style dress?
One of the cool things about this book is that the patterns are
listed in category order based by amount of yarn needed to complete the project.
And, besides the written pattern, there are diagrams.  I'm soo much better
understanding diagrams than the actual pattern.  Do you every use diagrams?
I dunno if I like the color of this vest.  But, I like the style.  I think it could
 be pretty in a yarn with a bit more drape too.  Color? ...maybe navy?  or teal? 
What do you think? 
There are sooo many other cute projects in this book!  A couple of felted things, some
 crochet hand puppets, a crochet wrist bracelet with a few beads, a darling purse,crochet
 socks, wrist warmers...and many more.
Of course, I'm dreaming to think that I will make all (or even half) of them.  But, books
can be good for dreaming, right?
Please, don't forget to enter the drawing for the Valentine
machine embroidered block.  It ends tonight.
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suemac said...

Almost makes me want to go back to crocheting.

doodlebugmom said...

I would be in trouble there!

Chatty Crone said...

Looks like a rainbow of colors!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

A lovely open,bright and cheerful shop that looks very inviting.

Granny Annie said...

Would you believe that I get that excited in an office supply store?

Tangos Treasures said...

Cute shop!!! Glad you took some time for yourself too!!

Olga said...

An ideal day in my book. The yarn shop is lovely--kind of dangerous looking, but lovely.

Una said...

People who work in a wool shop are very lucky. ....and I vote for the teal waistcoat.