Monday, May 4, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage Book and Sew Along =D

I'm adding a new quilty project to my list of projects in progress.  I know...I know...I can see your eyes rolling at me!  "...not ANOTHER project on her list...OH MY!
But, in my defense...This ship book sailed into my life and looked  WAY TOO MUCH FUN not to embark on this ride!  =D
My very first sighting of  Lori Holt's book was last week at one of our local quilt shops.  A friend and I were out for some quilty fun.  Someone came up to the counter and asked for Farm Girl Vintage book and the clerk said they were totally sold out.  The story copy was available to look at.  After looking through the pages, seeing all the fun pictures, ideas, great instructions, we were both SMITTEN!
Of course, it was the ONLY copy left in the store...the store's copy, not available for purchase. Oh shoot...sigh...
As we walked out of the shop towards the car, our "need" to have the book started growing.  (Insert a time-lapsed video of a little seed growing into a lilac bush).  Oh MY!
The miracle of internet on cell phones (yes it is a miracle to an oldy-moldy like me, lol).  Right in the car, we promptly started calling shops to see if they had any in stock. We needed TWO.  We called several stores before we got, "Yes we do have two".  Flying low...we arrived, hurried out of the car into the shop and quickly grabbed the two that were left. does the coils get so wound.  LOL  =P
Look at all these fun blocks!!  And...this is not your average sampler block quilt book...nope-nope =D
There are LOTS of ideas for using the blocks to make quilts other than the sampler pictured on the front of the book.

EVERY block has directions for making BOTH 6" and 12" finished sized blocks!  
Cute-cute hens all in rows!  There are so many blocks that would make darling one-block variation quilts.
And, oh-so-cute potholders.  I luv the sheep (second row, far right).  I can just see a quilt with all sheep
like the one above that is all Hens. 
There is a Farm Girl Vintage Sew-Along on Lori's blog, Bee In My Bonnet. Click HERE to find out more about it. =)  The fun is just beginning!!! =D   If you haven't gone over to visit Lori's newest quilt-along, ya otta take a peek, yep-yep.  You just might find yourself embarking on a fun ride with Farm Girl Vintage.  I won't tell if you don't want anyone to know you are starting another new project =P
One final voyage aboard the Good Ship Lollipop 
The Sew-Along just started this last Friday.  =)  The first block was Apron finished block below.
and, remember...  =P



Christine M said...

Hi Annie. I'm not stitching along with this one but I'll enjoy watching everyone's progress. Have fun making your quilt.

Anonymous said...

Love the minion poster. =) I do like that book, but I'm resisting the QAL. I think the chickens will wind up on my wall eventually, though.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I just got the book today! It's a gorgeous book. I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to join the quilt along. I really shouldn't but you never know!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I have the book, but going to make some smaller items rather than the full quilt. Will have watching everyone progress.