Friday, March 10, 2017

Thread Bears (Utah) March gathering...lots of pictures =D

We have sooo much fun when we all get together!  As you can see with the following pictures, we have ladies who come to work on many different kind of "threaded" crafts.  We share our love of the crafts we like to do and many times people will want to try crafts that they've previously not tried before.  Enablers in the bunch??  OH!  YES...most of us REALLY enjoy getting someone hooked on a new hobby.  =D
Above are D'Ann's crochet blankets

               Above, left: hand embroidered/crayon colored blocks by Carol.  And to the right is a cute crochet doll by D'Ann

Above a 5" block sashed with grey solid, baby quilt sized top made by Denise 

Hand spun balls of yarn made by Shirley

A scrappy 8" Glam Clam, work in progress by Muriel

A cross stitch work in progress by Denise
Beautiful quilt top, a squares are 6" and mostly paper-pieced,
 made Connie

We meet in a wonderful lower level room at a
GREAT Quilt shop!!  Thimbles and Threads =D

Terri with a machine in progress

a close up of Connie's 6" blocks quilt above

another one of Connie's quilts!  =)
Seeing all the lovely projects, talking with and laughing about things going on in our so re-energizing for me!  This next week I will be going on a Quilting Retreat here in Utah with a few friends.  I will bring quilty projects as well as some knitting and drop spindle spinning.  I find if I only bring one type of project, I will get bored.  Focus isn't my strong suit.  LOL
Do you have quite a few projects going at once?  Or do you have to finish one before starting a second one? 

Have you smiled today?  =D


Granny Annie said...

That baby and the dog made me smile for sure. Thanks:-) Yes I have multiple projects and try to pick one the first thing every morning. I write it on my mirror so I won't go astray.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I'm close to done on some purses, but, I really want to work on some other projects. I can't do just one thing at a time. I get bored, too.

Unknown said...
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Joyce Dean Gieszler said...

Is that Glam Clam made by my friend Muriel Petersen? It is fabulous! Please tell her hello from her friends in Hillsboro.