Friday, June 19, 2009

Flying Northwest.......

OKAY!!!! enough shinanigans!! I have to actually publish this! UGH, patience, patience, i am still learning how to use a blog..........and do pictures on it. Sorry if this is a bit skaddy-whampus.


On the morning of May 15th Victor and I flew to Seattle, Washington to spend some time with our son and his family. It's such a beautiful time of year with all of the green vegetation, trees, and big blooming flowers. Rhododendron flower bushes grow 6' tall and more flower than bush!

Right after being picked up at the airport we went straight to Chinatown Seattle for some YUMMY teacakes.

This is Raft Island (in Gig Harbor, WA) as seen from a distance

This is the small two lane road/bridge to get from Gig Harbor "mainland" to Raft Island where Eddie and Kelly's house is.

This is the harbor as we stood next to one of the boat launch areas. There is fun shopping in historical Gig Harbor. Mt Rainier snow capped in the distance.

Of course the best shopping was found in the Harbor Quilt Shoppe!!


We also met up with Victor's brother and sister-in-law to drive up to Vancouver, Canada.

We spent a good portion of our tourist hours in the Vancouver Chinatown. The Chinatown was similar to most we've been to in other states of the US, but was probably one of the larger ones.

A place of interest was the Chinese gardens. Ponds filled with large Koi lay under bridges and meandering paths. The distinctly Asian architecture was beautifully complimented by Asian plants, trees, and native flowers. A photographer might well be able to spend days taking great pictures - each one of something different. I didn't bring my camera and it's hard to tell someone else what you want them to take (especially if it is DH)

One opinion that i must give here is: Vancouver's Wal-mart doesn't hold a candle to our Wal-marts in the states!!! eeeee-gads! I think i have been to at least 3 dozen Wal-marts in more than a dozen states. Almost like a surplus/damaged shipment type place. After all time driving around to find it, I was very disappointed.

THANK YOU, Gary and Vivian for being the best chauffeurs ever!

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