Saturday, June 27, 2009

sewing with grannie

Mason (one of our 7 yr old grandchildren) has been asking if he could sew on the machine. He sees Po Po (grandma) sewing quite a bit when he is over visiting.
So, I got to thinking that maybe if he could come over for a few hours by himself, it wouldn't be to big a task for him to make a small simple quilt.
It was fun. After only a few minutes looking at Po Po's large stash of fabrics, Mason picked out a cute flannel print of Pikachu (one of the Pokemon characters). Then we chose 3 more complimentary colors.
Next I cut the strips and he sewed the 45" width of the fabrics attaching them together. I, then cut again and he sewed them again. The top was done in a few hours and then, I sewed the back.
Next visit we will tie it together with (Mason chose) red yarn.
I dunno if Mason had as much fun as I did. But, I think it will be a good memory for both of us to store in our "memory bank"

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